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Pleasuring a Granny. Ch. 1

I was still rampant. I eased myself out of her, ran to Granny’s room across the hall, shoved her on the bed, pulled her dress up, got between her thighs and entered her in one sustained thrust and commenced to fuck her, and fuck her, and fuck her until finally, we came, together.

Later, freshly showered, we had lunch. Jean spent part of this time on her knees giving me a lovely slow blowjob and she seemed quite happy with the arrangement. I was ecstatic.

We enjoyed ourselves in this way for a while until I could resist the urge no longer and told her to kneel on the sofa with her thighs apart. She did it immediately, no questions asked.

I stood behind her and caressed her buttocks and inner thighs for a while then entered her sex in one long thrust, then, gripping her hips, I thrust my cock in and out of her. Occasionally I massaged her breasts, pulling and rolling her erect nipples, I stroked her buttocks and running a finger down the cleft of her cheeks and over her anus until she pleaded for me to stop teasing her. That triggered my climax and I pumped what was left of my semen into her love channel before pulling out of her.

Once she’d recovered her composure I asked her if she had enjoyed the sex and was really pleased to hear her say that, despite what Granny had said about me being good, she’d never believed that she could have such good sex or so many climaxes. She felt so much happier and if I’d enjoyed it enough to want to have her again she’d be a very happy sex slave. Could we do it on her next respite day? Could we? We most certainly could! We arranged that our next meeting would be in two weeks’ time, then, after they dressed, Granny drove Jean home.

When Granny returned I took her clothes off and lay beside her on her bed just stroking and caressing her and telling her that, although I had enjoyed the sex with Jean, I still preferred her body. Granny told me not to be so juvenile!

“We have a very good, honest, relationship, based on loneliness, need, lust, and friendship. It is not bondage. Fuck who you want, as often as you want, but just tell me who, so that I know who I might be shaking hands with when you next enter me, and be here when I want you. Now tire me out and make me squeal.” I did.

End of Chapter 1


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