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Savita Bhabhi On A Halloween Party In Canada

Savita Bhabhi came to Canada to attend a family wedding. Her husband Ashok came along with her but he had to leave soon since she wanted to attend an important meeting in Toronto. But the occasion took place in Montreal. So, obviously, he cannot attend the ceremony.

But that did not bother Savita Bhabhi since she had a liking for a man who came for the event. He was the person organizing the wedding event. He looked very hot and charming. Basically, he belonged to the French root from his father’s side and his mother was a British. The greenish eyes and the broad chest of him made all the women crazy.

Many tried to hit on him but he did not respond in the way they expected. He made it a strictly professional way of working. But he kinda showed some reactions in a positive way when he saw Savita Bhabhi first. Her complexion and the sexy body looked normal since he had seen those kinds of women many times.

But what made her unique was the way she looked into his eyes and the way she carried herself. The voice, the look, the way of walking, everything about her made him think about her in a horny way. But he tried to control his feelings since he had a girlfriend. When the women in the event kept staring at him, the men were eyeing for Savita Bhabhi.

Since the bride and the groom belonged to the different ethnic group, they decided to do the marriage following both the tradition. So, they would have the event for a week just to follow the authentic tradition of both the people. Mark, the event planner knew the method of both the culture and hence he did it easily.

But during that week, they also had the Halloween coming. Since that would cheer up everyone, Mark suggested the guest if they could celebrate in the wedding hall. That kinda sounded like a really fun. mainly during the wedding and that could help them in gelling with the new people. But how Savita Bhabhi saw that plan?

She could send a green signal to Mark wearing revealing clothes and flaunts her body to him. So, she looked forward to it. Finally, on that day, everyone came in a costume. Savita Bhabhi too came to the party but none could recognize her. She had a transparent stocking with the dark leather bikini. Then, she had the cat woman mask on her face.

Since they had lots of drinks, everyone kept themselves busy drinking and dancing to the tunes. She saw Mark making drinks for the men coming to his counter. So, she walked to him and ordered a glass of Vodka. She sat on the stool opposite to him and he liked the costume she wore.

Her crotch looked very sexy and she bent a lot so that he could see her sexy cleavage. From the way she walked and the way she looked into his eyes, he understood that the girl was indeed Savita Bhabhi. She started the conversation,

Savita Bhabhi: I suppose, you recognized me.
Mark: Sure. You are Ms. Savita. Right?

Savita Bhabhi: Right. So, busy day, huh?
Mark: Busy day indeed.

Savita Bhabhi: Any plans later?
Mark: What do you have in your mind?

Savita Bhabhi: Ready for a dance.
Mark: Just a dance?

Savita Bhabhi: Let’s see where does that take us to.
Mark: How about my place?

Savita Bhabhi: Good. I like guys like you.
Mark: Thanks

He made a couple of rounds and they felt very high. She could not even walk. So, he carried her to his car and made her lie on the back seat. Then, he drove the car to his place. Again, he helped her to walk inside. When they reached the living area, she puked on him.

Mark took her to the bathroom and removed her clothes. He washed her naked body and he could not stop admiring her sexy and wet nude body. She looked sexier than earlier in that position. She felt aroused after the shower and soon removed his t-shirt.

Then, she hugged him tight and kissed his chest. She also bit him on various parts of his broad chest. He could feel the pleasure of the bites and he hugged her tight from his side. Soon, she kneeled and removed his pants. Then, she stroked it a couple of times and took it into her mouth.

Mark had several blowjobs earlier but nothing made him feel so aroused. He wanted her to do it for a longer time. So, he grabbed her head and made her continue. She even choked herself due to the length of his tool.

She looked at him with a smile and opened her mouth. He understood her needs and began to jerk off his dick. He came inside her mouth and she licked the last drop. Then, she cleaned her face and meanwhile played with his junk. So, he became horny again so soon.

Savita Bhabhi lied on the floor and made him come on top of her. She separated her legs and inserted his dick into her sexy shaved hole. He began to bang her hard and kept pressing her sexy boobs. He came to her boobs and bit the hard nipples. The whole room filled with the moaning noise of both.

They also did the 69 position and finally, he inserted his dick into her hot ass. After several strokes, he came inside her and they had the shower again only to get dirty again. Keep visiting the website for more stories of Savita Bhabhi.



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