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Sex Tease And Fun In The Pool – Zarine In Hospital – Part 1

Zarine was a hot girl of nineteen years old. She was sexually involved with her brother Salman once. Kindly read the previous Zarine series for better clarification. Zarine was very sexy and has a fair skin. She looks very hot and could make any man lust for her. She even had a boyfriend (Vikas) and one day they went on a date.

Zarine was wearing a white shirt and white 3/4th pants since they were the only outfit she had clean and pressed. The rest were kept for the laundry. After having the lunch, he wanted to take her to a park.

Vikas: So, shall we go to the park? We still have the time.
Zarine: No, I don’t want to go to the park.
V: Where then?
Z: Somewhere else, please.
V: I have a membership in one of the beach resort. We can go there and have a good time there.
Z: Sounds like a plan to me.

He took her to the resort and there were some people. They belong to some IT firm and they were having their team outing. There were a group of guys and girls. The guys were wearing shorts and were having fun in the swimming pool. The girls were married and were mostly from south India. They were all dressed very conservatively. Mostly in salwar and only two girls were in shirt and jeans. But those two girls were very fat and not that good in the looks.

So when Zarine walked in with her sexy body and fair legs, the guys were having their eyes on her from that instant. She liked the attention from the group of hunks in the swimming pool. And she swayed her butt more seductively than the usual. She walked and waited on the chair near the pool till her boyfriend finished the booking.

Vikas came after a few minutes and was looking a bit upset. Zarine was too busy in showing her sexy breasts since she secretly unbuttoned her shirt and was showing her deep cleavage. Vikas did not notice anything and he sat near her.

V: Seems, we can’t have the pool for ourselves for the next two hours. They have booked the pool. If you are okay, we could share with them.
Z: I don’t have any problem.

Vikas walked towards them and asked them if he and Zarine could join them and they happily welcomed them. Soon, Vikas changed to the shorts and joined the guys in the pool. Zarine entered the pool wearing a t-shirt and shorts that were available in the resort. Then she removed her bra and panties since she did not carry any spare innerwear.

She dipped herself in the water and came up to flaunt her poking nipples in her t-shirt. She was already horny and hence her nipples were attracting all the guys. Seeing her, the girls were jealous. Many guys were going in the water to see her legs and glance of her sexy body. To give them a good view, she pulled up her t-shirt and was exposing her sexy breasts.

The men were very horny. After two hours, everyone came out and she changed her clothes after drying her body and hair. The corporate people welcomed the couple to the dining table and the guys were having drinks.

Corp Man 1: Do you like to have some drinks?
V: No. I am good.
CM1: Please. We insist.
V: Sure.

Even Zarine got a glass of vodka and was having fun. After getting drunk, Vikas was not in a position to ride his bike to Zarine’s place to drop her. Zarine too was scared to leave at that time since she was also drunk.

Z: We can take rest in the room, Vikas. Let us leave in the evening.
V: No. I can drive.
Z: Please. I am not comfortable on the bike. I am very high.

Both were sleeping and soon Zarine woke up. She was not feeling sleepy after that. So, she came and sat by the beach side was the corporate guys were having a walk and some chilling by the seashore. Looking at her, a guy came and gave her a company.

CM: So, where is your boyfriend?
Z: He is sleeping. He won’t wake up for another two hours.
CM: You look very beautiful and fair. Are you an actress on TV or something?
Z: (Smiles) No.
CM: Are you a model.
Z: (Smiles) Stop it. I am just a student.

After having a short conversation, he asked her,

CM: Do you like to come to the swimming pool again. I feel like swimming.
Z: Sure.

The guy took off his shirt and changed into shorts. He was very athletic and was having broad shoulders and nicely build muscles was making him look very hot. When he dipped in the water, his hair and the wet body could make any girl bite him wild. She was very much aroused and she too changed to t-shirt and shorts. As usual, she has taken off her bra and panties and she joined him in the pool.
The other guys and the girls were too busy in the seashore and hence none noticed them in the pool. The swimming pool was very far away that there were no one around. Not even the resort staffs. She came closer to him.

Z: You have a good body.
CM: You too.
Z: I mean your muscles and arms.
CM: I mean…
Z: I know what you mean.
CM: (smiles)
Z: Can I touch your arms.
CM: Sure.

He came close to him and touched his arms. While touching, her legs came between his legs and her thigh was touching his erect dick.

To be continued.

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