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Sex With Manisha Chachi

Hello friends this is Anjaan (pen name). Well I’m 20 years old. A bit athletic (trust me i dont fake about this thing) the incident i am going to narrate happened with my chachi at the tender age of 18 when i was in class 10th. Let me introduce my chachi. Her name is Manisha. I really dont know about her figure, to be frank i never cared to measure that, and i am damn sure a normal person would not care to measure the stats for having sex. Few words about her she was slim, very fair in complexion with mediun size boobs and ass! She was very beautiful. She was 30years at the time of this incident. She is a mother of a 4 year old kid but she looks fab. I always wanted to fuck her. I always masturbated fantasizing about her. My chacha on the other hand was very elder to her in age. He was 42 at that time. So i always thought theres a chance for me, consider it as a childish thought but that is what i always believed. Without wasting much of your time let me come to the story. My incredible experience!

This incident happened at the time of December when my chachi and her son came to stay with us. Our family consists of four. At that time i was preparing for my boards. I was more than happy to see her at my home. I made up my plan that i have to fuck her anyhow.

For the next 4-5 days things were normal. Then suddenly my dad made a plan that they should visit Agra to my buas house as she was unwell. I couldnt go because of my preparation and chachi said she would also not go as she will stay with me to take care. Next day my parents left early morning. Now it was me and my chachi and her son in the house. At night after having dinner we decided to sleep in one room. I said you go I’ll join soon after studying. After 10 min i also went up as i couldnt concentrate on studies. There she was breastfeeding her son. She welcomed me. I was constantly looking at her boobs. Oh they were so fair. I wish i could suck them. I think she understood this and in order to break the awkward silence she said.

Chachi: itni jaldi aagye pdhkr?

Me: haan chachi mann nahi laga mera

chachi: haan isiliye ab kahin or mann laga rahe ho

me: matlab?

Chachi: kuch nahi.. Or batao?

Me: nahi bolo na?? (then i began praising her) chachi aap toh chacha ko bohot khush rkhti hongi..Aap toh itni sundar h..Itni acchi hai.

Chachi: (blushing) accha mai sach much aisi hun?? Pr tumhara chacha ko itni kahan kadar h meri

me: arey chachi rhnedo aap..Yeh ab tk aapka hi doodh pita h?(pointing my finger at the kid) itna bada hone k baad?

Chachi: haan par sirf raat ko..Tum bhi toh itne bade hone ke baad dkh rhe ho ise

me: (shocked) nahi chachi..

Chachi: sharmao mat hota h aisa..Or bhi boht si chizen pta h mujhe tumhari

me: jaise??

Chachi: jaise ki tum mujhe jin nazron se dekhte ho. Roz mere airbag se kapde nikal kr usme ‘voh krna (when she came to our house she brought a bag in which she kept her clothes and i would sniff them and rub my dick on them)

me: chachi maine aisa nahi kia h kuch…

Chachi: arey koi baat nahi beta, atleast mujhe accha laga ki mujhme koi itna interest leta h.

Tab tak unka beta so chuka tha

me :(with these talk i was turned on and i made a very bold move) chachi kya mai aapka doodh pi sakta hun?

Chachi: tumhara dimag thik h? Haskr do baatein kya krli tumne kya socha ki kuch bhi krloge

mai uthke jaane laga apne room me or apne room me aakr let gya

Itne me chachi aayi or bed pr mere side me baith gyi fir kehne lagi sorry maine apni frustration me kuch zyada hi keh dia. Jab voh bol rhi thi toh mai bas unke hontho ko dekh rha tha or jab mujhse control nahi hua toh maine unhe apne upar keech lia or bed pr roll krke unke upar aagya or maine unke lips pr kiss kia or fir gale pr kiss karta raha. Voh mujhse kehti rahi chdo mujhe , yeh galat h pr maine use ansuna krdia or bas kiss karta raha. Fir mai unke lips k pass gya or unka uppar lips lekr choosne laga phle toh voh chup chap pdi rahi fir apna haath mere baalon pr laker use sehlane lagi.Or fir hum ek dusre k saath smooch krne lag gye.Voh smooch itna passionate tha ki hum dono jaise ek dusre k andar sama jate or uske baad mai unke pure face pr kiss krne laga. Fir maine unhe uthaya or maine uski kameez utar di or unhone meri shirt! Uske baad maine unhe ulta ghumaya or uske peeth pr kiss krta hua unki bra khol di. Fir maine unhe turn karke kaha.

Me: chachi ab toh doodh pilun?

Ispe chachi kuch nahi bolo bas ek smile dedi mai samjh gya. Maine unke right boob ko kiss kia or fir use muh me lekar choosne laga or dusra haath yahan vahan firane laga. Chachi se ab bardasht nahi ho raha tha or voh bed pe chatpatane lgi. Maine unke dono haathon ko pakad lia or dono boobs choosne laga.Or jab voh namkeen doodh mere mooh me aaya mai bayan nahi kar sakta meri sex ki chah or badh gyi. Fir mai boobs se kiss karta hun unke pet pr gaya or pure pet ko chatne laga. Uske baad maine unki naabhi me jibh daaldi or pure nabhi ko chat raha tha.Voh ummm ummm krke mere baalon ko pakad rahi thi.Fir maine unka pajama utar dia or saath hi apna lower bhi. Uske baad unki panty bhi utar di. Unki pussy bilkul clean thi. Fir mai unke feets ke pass gaya or unka toe apne muh me lekar choosne laga. Fir dheere2 maine saari ungli muh me lekar choosne laga. Fir mai pairon se badhta hua thighs par aaya or unki thighs ko sehlane laga. Uske baad maine jee bhar k thighs ko chata or kiss kia. Fir mai unki pussy k pass aaya. Kiss karne se pehle humari nazrein mili. Uff kya lag rhi thi voh. Baal khule hue, chehre pe thand ka mausam hone k baad bhi pasine ki boondein. Or aankhon me ek gulabipan. Jab unhone apne haathon se apne baal peeche kiye or maine unki haathon me voh bangles dekhe toh mai pagal hogya or fauran unke chehre k pass chala gaya.

Or unke lips ko janwaro ki tarah chusne laga. Voh bass uuunnhhh aaahhh ummm aawazein nikal rhi thi. Fir voh mere upar aagyi or unhone mere nipples muh me leliye or choosne lagi. Uske baad usne boht saare bite kiye uspar. Fir dheere2 voh neeche gayi or mere dick ko apne mulayam haathon se sehlane lagi. Mai bta nahi sakta kitna accha lag rha tha ek aurat ko sindoor or mangalsutra pehne or voh haathon me bangles pehne mere dick ko sehlate dekh. Fir apne komal2 hothon ko uske upar laga kr mere dick ko suck karne lag gyi. Us din maine jaana ki blowjob ka sukh kya hota h. Voh lagatar use chuse ja rhi thi or mai bas aaahhhh ooohhh chachi bas kro ab…Chachiiii!!!! Aaahhh chachi.

Fir chachi mere pass aakr let gyi or mai fauran unki pussy k pass chala gaya or uski pussy ko kiss karne lag gya. Unhone apne thighs se mere face ko jakad lia. Or fir mai apni jeebh se use chatne laga.Vohhh aaaahhhhh uuuuhhhhhhhh maaaaaaaaaaa karne lag gyi or mai bas chat ta raha use. Uske baad maine apni jeebh unke hole me ghusa di jisse voh pagalon ki tarah kehne lagi ‘or kro!! Ruko mt!! Aaahhhh huh unki pussy puri tarah gili ho chuki thi. Unhone kaha beta ab kardo bas. Mujhse or nahi control ho raha h.


Maine unhe bed ke kone pr litaya or kamar ke neeche ek pillow rakh dia. Or unke dono pair maine apne shoulers pr rakhe. Uske baad maine apne dick ko unki pussy pr rub kia or voh sihar gyi. Uske baad maine ek dhaka lagaya or voh andar chala gya. Chachi ke muh se ‘maaaaaa nikal gya. Fir mai 2 min ruk gya kyunki hum dono ko hi dard ho raha tha. Maine dheere2 andar bahar karna shuru kia. Chachi bass aaaaaahhhh beta aaaaaahhhhh unnnnnhhhhhhh aaahhhhaaaa ohhhhh maaaah kare ja rhi thi. Isse mujhe or excitement mil rahi thi or mai or josh me aagya. Maine unke feets fir unhe chodte2 suck krne shuru krdiye.

Uske baad maine unhe doggy position me kia..Chachi ek doggy ki tarah bed pr aayi or maine peeche se apne dick fir unki pussy me daal dia. Maine fir dhakkaa lagana shuru kia. Chodte2 maine apne haathon se unke dono boobs pakad k masalne laga or kehne laga chachi aaj mera sapna sach hogya. Boht saalon se mai tumhe chodna chahta tha.. Aaahhh chachi aaahhhh..Or mai unki peeth pr kiss krne lag gya. Fir hum missionary position me aagye or unhone apne pair meri back pr lock krliye. Uske baad maine fir dhakke lagane shuru kiye or unke boobs ko bhi choosne laga…Voh mere peeth pe apne nakhun gadane lagi..Uske baad hum ek dusre k hothon k pass aaye or ek dusre ke honth chusne lag gye. Smooch karte2 unhone apni jeebh mere muh me dedi or mai use suck krne lag gya…Kya meethpan tha usme mai bata nahi sakta.

Voh achanak se tez2 chikhne lagi ‘ or tez aaaahhhh or andar or andar ummmm aaahh uiiii or fir unki pairo ki pakad or tez hogyi or mera face apne lips k pass le aayi or mujhe tez2 kiss krne lag gyi or fir shant hogyi mai samjh gaya voh jhad gyi uske 2-4 min baad mera bhi nikalne vala tha maine apni speed or tez krdi or full force k saath unke andar hi jhad gya. Itna zyada mera aaj tak nahi nikla tha. Fir mai nidhal hoke unke upar hi leta raha or unke hothon ko chusta raha. Fir maine unke boobs pr boht kiss kiye or humne ek dusre ko hug kia. Unhone mujhse kaha ki aisa experience mujhe aaj tak nahi mila.


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