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Shy Indian Mom Turns Into Son’s Slutty Wife – Part 1

Hello erotic literature readers, I am Tony from Hisar, Haryana. I am a big fan of Desitales and especially of mother son incest sex stories. About me, I am fair looking guy, 6 ft height, a normal body, tool of 7 inches length which can satisfy women of any age.

The heroine of this story is my mom. She is really a sex bomb even at the age of 40 with a perfect curvy figure of 36D-32-36. Any man who sees her would want to take her to bed.

My dad is working in an MNC and only comes home twice a year. So I and mom live in the big house.

When I was a teen, I started watching mom’s figure and really wanted her. I always steal her used bra and panties. The smell of those things made me crazy and I masturbate daily by smelling them. I never miss any chance of touching her and seeing her boobs whenever she bends.

As grew up, I really wanted to fuck her. So I made a plan. I assumed mom was also starving for sex as dad only come twice in a year.

So I took the help of one of my female friends to prepare my mom for mother son incest. She told my mom that there was nothing wrong in it as it was only for physical pleasure. It took two weeks for my friend to convince mom but finally, mom was ready now for it.

When my friend told me that my mom was ready, I was very excited thinking my dream girl was coming to my bed.

That day we didn’t talk much. We had our dinner and went to our rooms to sleep. But I knew mom will come.

So I decorated my room in a little romantic way. I was waiting for my mom. After half an hour, mom came in her blue nighty and was looking more sexier.

Mom – Tony, I want to talk to you.

Me (excited from inside) – yes mom, tell.

Mom – you know you are my only son and I love you so much.

Me – I know, mom. I love you too.

Mom – can you do something for me?

Me- yes mom, tell me. I can do anything for you.

Mom – as you know, your father comes only twice a year and every woman has some physical needs.

Me (confused from outside) – I know mom. Tell me what can do for you?

Mom – can you cum inside me?

I understood what mom was saying but I wanted to hear it from her) – sorry mom, I cannot understand what you are saying?

Mom – oh how can I say I want you to fuck me any clearer!

Me (with a shocking expression) – what are you saying, mom?! I am your son!!

Mom – yaa but you said you can do anything for me and you can do this for your mom.

Me – hmm ok mom.

I went to mom and started kissing her on her lips. Mom also responded very well. We both were kiss each other like hungry animals for 15 minutes. It made both of us very horny. Then I start removing mom’s clothes and mom mine.

I removed her nighty in one move. She was in her pink bra and black panties and was looking like a sex goddess. I kissed her whole body and also gave some love bites. She started moaning like huuuu.

With my teeth, I unhooked her bra and her big melons came out. They were so soft with pink nipples. I grabbed them and started massaging one and sucking the other. Mom was still moaning, “uuuuuh.. Slowly.. My body is not used to this for the last 6 years..”

I was shocked to hear that and asked her the reason even while I was still sucking her. Mom told me about how dad ignored her and how much she was starving for sex.

Hearing that, I got sad and started sucking her both boobs even harder. Then it was the time to visit my birthplace – my mom’s beautiful pussy. I removed her panties. Her pussy was clean shaved and had pinkish color pussy walls. It was tight like a virgin’s pussy. I really loved the view and feel of it.

Without wasting any time, I started licking it which made mom hornier and say, “uuuuuh huuu aaahhhh”

While licking mom was saying, “you are soo good.. Your dad never licked me there. Today I shaved my pussy only for you, my darling son.. Lick mee fast and hard.”

I increased the speed and in 5 minutes, mom splashed her cum on my face. It was the most delicious thing I had ever tasted in my life. I drank every drop of it
I went up, kissed mom and made her taste her own juice. Then mom said, “enough.. now fuck me! I can’t wait anymore..”

But I wanted to tease her. So I took my dick and started rubbing it on her pussy without inserting it inside. At first, mom enjoyed it but then she started shouting in dirty words, “you mother fucker! Fuck me, tear my pussy.. make me your wife.. fuck me!”

After listening to this, I started to insert my dick in her pussy with some pressure. Half of my dick went inside her and immediately mom started shouting like hell, “huuuu aaaah aaahh uuuh go deeper..”

I gave a tight hard thrust and my whole 7 inches dick was inside mom. She kept shouting and tears started rolling from her eyes.

I began fucking her with small and slow strokes. Soon pain converted into pleasure and mom was enjoying it saying, “huuuu ahhhh fuck me fuck me harder uuuuh tear my pussy..”

Her words turning me on and I was giving her much harder strokes now. I fucked her for 15 minutes and then I was about to cum. I asked her and she told me to cum in her pussy as she wanted to feel my hot cum inside her.

So with few more hard strokes, I cummed deep inside my mom’s vagina. And in between, she also came for two times and we both get exhausted and lay down naked on the bed.

Mom – I am very lucky to get a son like you. You are so good in bed. You will satisfy any girl.

Me – thanks mom and you are the best mom in the world.

After 30 minutes of rest, we had one more session and slept naked in each other’s arms.

This was the starting of our new relationship.

Thanks for reading my story. Please give me your feedback and any girl or aunty of any age can contact me for some secret fun.

Mail me at – [email protected]


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