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Sibling Tussle

Aaron and Christina are home alone watching old videos when they decide to make one of their own.
It is Sunday afternoon. Michael and Sarah Lawrence are out on their weekly date, having left their kids, Aaron and Christina home by themselves. As is their usual routine, the pair spent the first part of the day sleeping in and the next part arguing over who would get to decide what they would eat for supper and watch on TV. In the end, as she usually does, Christina won. At this very moment, the pair of siblings are watching old home videos on the VCR.

“Why are we even watching this?” Aaron groans at his sister. He does not care very much for the boring everyday moments his father has captured.

“Shut up, I don’t remember this stuff as well as you do,” she reminds him. She is two years younger than him.

“But can’t you watch it some other time,” he grumbles.

“When would I do that? You’re always hogging the TV when mom and dad aren’t home.”

“That’s cuz dad hogs the TV when they are home,” he retorts.

“And thus we share,” she answers with a tone that suggests the argument is over.

Aaron sighs as he watches her feet moving back and forth. She is lying on her stomach in front of the couch, dangling her feet in the air, kicking them back and forth as she watches the screen intently. As it is almost summer time, she is wearing an orange tank top and dark blue track shorts. She has a popsicle sick in her mouth right now and her tongue is stained green.

Aaron is also wearing shorts, though his are cargo, and a dark blue graffiti t-shirt. He finished his popsicle in only a few bites and avoided discoloring his tongue. Both of them take after their opposite parent. Aaron has dark hair like his mother, which he never combs, and Christina has light hair that lays flat except for the parts she holds up with berets.

After trying to watch the video for another minute, Aaron gives up out of boredom and leaves the couch. He expects Christina to jump at the chance to steal his spot, as she is only on the floor to avoid sitting next to him. She is at the age where she finds her brother disgusting and wants as little to do with him as possible.

Aaron paces over to the closet under the stairs and starts to rummage around in search of something. “Hey, keep it down!” Christina shouts at him. When he returns to the couch he is surprised to find his spot untouched. She must have been too engrossed in the video to take it. “What are you doing?” she soon notices the fact that he has gone silent. When she looks over her shoulder she sees him holding their father’s old video camera and aiming the lens directly at her. “Hey, stop that!” she is not happy.

“You were so interested I thought we could make a video of our own,” he informs her jokingly.

“I’m not dressed properly,” she complains while turning away so he can not capture her face.

“Who outside of the family is going to view this?” he asks while scooting off the couch and sitting down next to her, trying to get a better view of her face. She turns to look at him for a moment but quickly hides her face again while frowning. He gives up and turns the camera toward her feet, which are still moving. He watches them bob back and forth for several minutes before reaching out and touching one of them.

Christina lets out a surprised yelp before rolling onto her side partially to glare at him. “What?” he asks while snickering.

“Nothing,” she grumbles while rolling back onto her stomach. He keeps his hand in contact with her foot but she seems to have gotten used to it. He tries tickling it in order to get a reaction from her. She almost smiles but manages not to. With a shrug he moves to her other foot and succeeds in eliciting another yelp.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” he taunts her.

“Perfectly,” she refuses to be goaded.

He takes things a step further by sliding his hand down her leg. Instinctively she stops moving her feet as she tries to concentrate on not making any more noise. She remains calm until his hand reaches her thigh. “Knock it off.” She tries to kick him.

“Knock what off?” He plays dumb while moving his hand to her other thigh.

“Stop it. It tickles.” She can not keep from giggling.

“I’m just giving you a massage,” he lies while moving his hand to the square of her back.

“You can’t do that with the camera in your hands,” she disagrees. Without complaint, he sets the camera down on the coffee table so that it is still recording her. Then he stands up and swings one of his legs above her so that he is straddling her. She makes a sound to emphasize the wind getting knocked out of her lungs when he sits down on her back.

“How’s this for a massage?” he asks while rubbing both of his hands against her shoulder blades.

“Can’t breath,” she wheezes. The popsicle stick has fallen out of her mouth by now.

“Sorry.” He slides down until he is sitting on her legs and rubbing just above her waist. “How’s that?”

“I didn’t really ask for a massage,” she is slightly confused.

“You didn’t have to. You’re loving big brother can tell when you are stiff.” He lowers his hands until she is touching her butt. “Oh, what’s this now? You don’t feel stiff at all in here.” He jiggles her butt jokingly.

“That’s because I don’t sit on my ass all day like you,” she insults him.

“No, you just lie on your stomach.” He reaches his hands under her shirt and starts to tickle her. Once again she clenches her teeth instead of laughing. He finds her belly button and pokes it several times. Tears form in the corners of her eyes as she struggles to keep from reacting. Slowly he runs his hands lower until he is touching her hip bones. She lets out a slight laugh but turns her head away, refusing to acknowledge it when he snickers at her.

He continues lowering his hands until he finds the lines of her crotch. By now she is holding her breath. Her runs his hands up and down the outside of her shorts a few times before letting his thumbs catch the hem and sliding them down to her knees.

Unable to hold her breath any longer she starts to gasp. She can feel the air on her bare ass now and worse she can feel the hair of her crotch touching the carpet beneath her and tugging slightly. “Are you done?” she asks while trying to catch her breath.

“I don’t know.” He slides up until he is sitting directly on her butt, pushing her crotch into the carpet more. She lets out a slight squeak which causes him to smirk. He rubs himself against her repeatedly, letting her crotch hair tug on the carpet more and more. Her face is bright red by now.

“Alright, that’s enough. I need to pee,” she admits.

“Really?” he taunts her while pushing so as to try putting pressure on her bladder.

“Yes,” she moans meekly.

“Then I guess you better try getting up,” he suggests sarcastically. She tries to lift herself by pushing down on the carpet but she is unable to life her own weight and his at the same time. “Fine, I better move.” He prepares to stand up.

“Wait,” she stops him.

“What? Do you like being sat on?”

“If you move, I think it’ll relieve the pressure,” she whimpers.

“Isn’t that what you want?” he teases her.

She shakes her head. “It’ll come out,” she squeaks.

“Oh.” He finally realizes what she is saying. Looking around he spots an empty glass on the coffee table that he had juice in earlier. He contemplates how angry their mother will be for a moment before deciding she will be madder about the carpet.

“Oh god,” Christina moans as he lifts off of her and shoves the cup into her crotch in the same motion. She does not have the ability to stop herself from unleashing a steady stream of urine into the cup.

Aaron averts his eyes at first but eventually they are drawn to the sight before him. He can not see her crotch at all but the glass is clear and the liquid pouring in is plainly visible. “Quit staring.” Her face is bright red.

“Sorry,” he feels bad for having caused this situation.

“Sorry isn’t good enough. I’m never going to be able to look you in the eyes again,” she whines.

“You’ll get over it,” he mutters unconvincingly.

“How would you know?” she complains. “Have you ever peed yourself in front of someone?”

“Not since I was a kid,” he admits.

“That’s not the same,” she continues cry.

“Well, what do you want me to do?” he tries to compromise with her.

“Let me see you peeing,” she suggests while wiping the tears from her eyes.

“What? No way,” he refuses.

“See, you’re embarrassed too.”

“It’s different when a guy pees. Girl’s are at least kind cute when they can’t hold it in,” he argues.
“Oh, so you like girls who pee themselves,” she tries to get back and him.

“I didn’t say that,” he sputters.

“Really? Holding that cup doesn’t turn you on?” She rolls over so she is sitting facing him. She brings her knees up to her face though she he can not see her bare crotch properly.

“Do you really want to see me pee that badly?” he asks while rolling his eyes. She nods meekly.

“Fine, I’ll make you a deal. If you can go an hour without putting your shorts back on, I’ll let you see me peeing,” he offers her something he is sure she will refuse.

“Okay,” her response shocks him. Without a word she slides her shorts off the rest of the way and hands them to him. “You better give those back in an hour,” she warns him. He does not feel very threatened though, not with her sitting half naked in front of him.

“You know, Mom’s not going to be happy about you touching your butt to the carpet,” he tries to taunt her. She rolls her eyes in annoyance while shifting her position back to her stomach. She makes a soft squeaking sound when her crotch hair tugs on the carpet again. He sees his chance to tease her again by placing his hands on her lower back and moving her just enough to rub her crotch against the floor.


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