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Sibling Tussle

“Hey, stop that.” She reaches behind her back to sway his hands. He catches her by the wrist though and pins her arm. “Ow, that hurts!” she exaggerates her pain.

“You’re too turned on to be hurt,” he does not believe her. The redness in her cheeks tells him that he is correct. Instead of responding though, she closes her eyes and lets him continue rocking her back and forth for a while. She is obviously enjoying the feeling. “Seriously?” he is surprised.

“Why should you be the only one having fun?” she pants for breath. He repositions himself so he can look at her face as it contorts in pleasure. She has not noticed though. He picks up his pace until she is moaning louder and louder. Suddenly she starts to shudder while yelping. He watches with intrigue as her whole body convulses. Even after it stops she is still panting. Her face is flushed and she is trying not to smile too much.

He is shocked when she suddenly breaks free of his hold and stands up, only to push him off of his knees and reposition him so that she can sit down on his lap. “Hey, what gives?”

“If I can’t touch the floor or the furniture, I’ll just use you as a chair,” she informs him.

“But you just…” he stares down at her bare butt as she nuzzles it against his crotch.

“You should consider yourself lucky,” she giggles. “This is the closest you’ll ever get to having sex with a girl as cute as me.” Rather than responding he reaches toward her butt, only to stop with his hand hovering above it. “Go ahead… touch it.” She wiggles it suggestively.

“You’re gonna hold it against me if I do,” he argues.

“I’m already holding it against you,” she jokes. “I’m pretty sure I can feel something there too.”

“Wouldn’t it be more weird if you couldn’t?” he asks while shifting his position so that his erection can unfold in his shorts properly.

“Ooh, I can definitely feel that,” she gasps. “What are you thinking of doing with it?”

“Do you really want to know?” he asks skeptically.

“I want to imagine it,” she admits. “I’ve never seen one in person.” She moves again so that his erection is resting between the cheeks of her butt.

“If you were any other girl, I wouldn’t hesitate,” he admits.

“Ah, you’re a gentleman,” she responds sweetly. “So, do I win yet? Are you going to show me how boys pee?”

“It hasn’t been an hour yet. Besides, it’s a little hard on me to do that right now.”

“Well, why don’t you show me something else then,” she suggests.

“Are you kidding?” he is dumbstruck.

“You just saw me get off, didn’t you?” she reminds him.

“It’s a little messier when boys get off,” he informs her.

“So is peeing,” she is not swayed. “Just use the same cup. All you need to do is touch it a little, right?” She moves her butt again, stroking his shaft through his shorts.

“It’ll take more than that.” He winces.

“What should I do?” She crawls off his lap and turns around.

“Hey, don’t look.” He covers his crotch with his hands.

“I’m not,” she assures him while closing her eyes. He watches as she slowly reaches down and moves his hands carefully, without looking. He is surprised that she is keeping her promise. Without opening her eyes even once, she unzips his shorts, allowing his erection to spring out of the flap in his boxers. He sucks in a large breath when she touches it with her warm hands. “Do you like it?” she asks coyly as she strokes it. He does not answer though. “It feels really hot.” She leans close to it.

“Hey, what are you doing?” he asks when she touches the tip to her cheek.

“I thought it would feel nice on my skin,” she admits. “Girls aren’t supposed to like this sort of thing, are they?”

“This sort of thing?” he repeats in confusion.

“Guys love the idea of a girl’s mouth or face near their penis, right? It’s a dominance thing, isn’t it?”

“It’s more of a special treatment thing,” Aaron disagrees. “Guys like knowing that the girl who is willing to do that with them is special.”

“So you like testing the girl by making her do things she is uncomfortable with?” Christina surmises.

“Are you uncomfortable with it?” Aaron asks.

“Kinda, but that’s what makes it fun,” she giggles. “Knowing I’m supposed to hate it makes me want to do it more. I want to prove I can be just as kinky as those girls you see in adult movies.” She rubs her cheek against his shaft affectionately.

“You’re not worried that my penis is so close to your mouth?” Aaron asks.

“If you’re wondering if I feel like it is dirty, the answer is no.” She shakes her head before sticking out her tongue and touching it to the tip of his penis. “It’s strange right? I’m supposed to think something like, ‘how can I put the thing you pee with in my mouth,’ but instead I feel the exact opposite. It is warm and soft and just plain irresistible. I want to put it in my mouth more than anything right now.” She grabs his hand and brings it close to her face so that she can lick his fingers. She is too embarrassed to put her mouth around his penis.

He explores her mouth with his fingers for several minutes, pushing them in as far as they can go. He even causes her to gag a few times. Her eyes start to water but she keeps them closed. All the while she keeps her right hand on his penis, stroking him softly. Eventually he starts to groan when he feels his orgasm approaching. She leans forward and clasps both of her hands around the head of his penis while also cupping them to her mouth. He has no place to cum but directly on her lips.

When he is finally able to open his eyes again he is staring at his sister’s pretty face. It has been splashed with several sticky strands of his own cum, concentrated around her mouth. She moans as she swirls her fingers in it. She looks like she wants to try tasting it. “Why are girls not supposed to like this?” she asks. “If I had a boyfriend I would never say no to giving him a blowjob. I think I would ask him to cum on my breakfast every morning just so I could eat it. No, I would have him cum in my mouth at night so I could rinse my mouth with it. I would savor it sliding down my throat. She dabs the tip of her finger on her tongue.

“Why don’t you try it?” he gulps nervously. He really wants to see if it will make her as happy as she claims.

“You’re my brother,” she argues. “It would be wrong.”

“You said you like how wrong this is,” he reminds her.

“I do,” she agrees giddily. “I want it so bad. If you weren’t my brother I’d have shoved your cock down my throat by now. I would hold it in for as long as possible. I might even pass out if I forgot to breathe. I think I’d like that; getting dizzy from suffocating myself on my boyfriend’s cock. How would you explain that to a doctor? No I did not try to kill her with my penis, she’s just a slut.”

“You make me want to do all of that to you and more,” he admits.

“We can’t,” she refuses.

“Then what about all of this?” He pushes his fingers into her mouth again.

“As long as I do not open my eyes, then I can pretend it is not you,” she mumbles while trying to push his thumb as far down her throat as it will go. She starts to gag and cough again though.

“If you keep your eyes closed, can I put my penis in your mouth? Can I cum inside it?”

“You can’t put it inside.” She shakes her head after pulling his thumb out. “And you can’t cum inside me. Anything else is fine.” Aaron almost laughs as he wonders where she got her sense of morals. He places his right hand on the back of her head and slowly pushes it down toward his crotch. “Not inside,” she repeats as the tip of his penis touches her lips.

“Is this fine though?” He tangles his finger in her hair and swirls her lips around the head.

“Yeah,” she gasps. “Do everything you can without going inside. Scare me into thinking you’re gonna do it, just stop before we go too far.”

“Open your mouth,” he instructs her while pushing the tip in slightly.

“Not inside,” she moans while keeping her mouth small just in case.

“Stick out your tongue. It’ll feel like it’s inside if you do,” he surmises.

Obediently she slithers her tongue out, touching the bottom of his shaft. “It’s really big,” she mumbles. Soon she is lapping at his penis like a lollipop. “I want it inside so badly,” she moans. “I want to see if it’ll stretch my throat. I want to see if your cum will sooth it afterward. I want to see how warm it is.”

“Can I?” he breathes out in a raspy voice. “Can I cum inside? I want to know that you’ll actually swallow it.”

“I won’t swallow your cum,” she refuses.

“Not my cum?” he repeats inquisitively.

“Not your cum,” she is adamant.

“How about something else then?” He does not wait for an answer. She squeaks as he pinches her nose and pulls her mouth further onto his cock. She stops herself from going too far but is caught off guard when something warm starts to splash against the inside of her mouth and the top of her tongue. At first she lets it spill back out around his cock, thinking that it is his cum. With his cock directly in her line of sight it is hard to look down. She has to cross her eyes, which makes her look incredibly cute in his opinion. What she sees is clear-yellow liquid squirting out of the corners of her mouth.

As soon as she has identified it, she clamps her mouth shut. Her cheeks bulge outward but she quickly starts to swallow. She has to back off until only the tip of his penis remains in her mouth but she makes sure that it does not slip out completely. He watches her Adam’s apple twitching as she gulps down as much of his urine as she can until her mouth simply overflows. Some even comes out of her nose.


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