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Sibling Tussle

She has to spit the rest out along with his penis. She coughs and sputters for several minutes while trying to catch her breath. All the while he waits patiently, not knowing what she is going to say. She looks slightly annoyed when she finally raises her face but he can not tell as her eyes are closed again. She may have looked at his penis in her mouth but she refuses to look him in the face. “Very sneaky,” she admits while still coughing slightly. “It was really warm and soothing on my throat.”

“I didn’t cum inside you,” he reiterates.

“No. Thank you for that.” She does not seem as angry as he thought. “That was… amazing,” she pauses before admitting her opinion. “Is that what swallowing cum would feel like? No, it would probably be a hundred times better. I want to suck your cock so badly now.”

“You really are a lewd girl,” Aaron can not help but laugh.

“Why though?” She tilts her head in genuine confusion. “Why is it wrong to do this? Why does it feel so good to swallow someone else’s pee? I should feel dirty but instead I feel refreshed. Do all girls secretly desire to get peed on by their boyfriends? Are they just too ashamed to admit it?”

“I don’t think other girls enjoy it that much,” Aaron tries to calm her down.

“Why not? They would love it if they tried. Not just swallowing. I want you to pee on my face next time. No wait, my whole body. I want to shower in it. Wow, that sounds so gross, doesn’t it? It’s not though because it’s you. If a random animal peed on me I’d be disgusted but… I don’t even think of it that way with you. To me your pee is like a valuable thing I can not get anywhere else. Is that weird? Am I weird? All girls should ask their brothers to pee on them at least once in their lifetime; then they could decide if it’s weird or not. I wonder if I can convince my friends at school to try this. If I brought Nancy and Rachel home, would you pee on them too? No, you could cum on them. You’re not related to them.”

“What if I don’t want to?” Aaron asks bluntly.

“What do you mean?” Christina is confused. “I thought boys loved this kind of thing.”

“Only with girls they like,” he explains.

“So you want an actual girlfriend,” she surmises. He shrugs in response. At the moment he would settle for getting to cum on or in Christina but the fact that her eyes are closed even now is a testament to how against the idea she is.

“You know, it’s been an hour already. You can put your shorts back on,” he tries to change the subject.

“Aw, do I have to?” she asks cutely. “How about this; I’ll walk around without pants on from now on and you’ll use my mouth whenever you need to pee.”

“Are you serious?” Aaron is shocked. “Did you like it that much?”

“I think I like the idea of it more,” she admits. “I can’t want until I get a boyfriend to cum in my mouth but until that day I think only one thing will suffice. I want it. I want to feel the warm liquid sliding down my throat and to know that it came from a penis.”

“It would be much more enjoyable for me to cum in your mouth, you know.”

“Why do you keep asking?” she is getting slightly annoyed. “I already said you couldn’t.”

“You won’t let me do that, but you’re not going to put your pants back on?” he asks while reaching down and touching the front of her crotch.

She moans before responding. “I like the exposed feeling. Have you ever realized how stifling it is to wear pants all of the time? It’s like when I sleep naked and I can feel the fabric of my covers between my legs.” She spreads her knees apart, giving him a full view of the slight peach fuzz that adorns her crotch.

“You want me to look at this but you won’t even look at my penis?” he mutters in annoyance.

“You can close your eyes if you want but it’s not like you can actually see inside me.”

“I can feel it though.” He pushes his index finger past the lips of her cunt and into her vagina. He notes that she is quite moist. Either she is still turned on from cumming earlier or swallowing his pee has turned her on again.

She gasps in surprise and then makes a pained groaning sound. “Don’t do that,” she mutters unconvincingly.

“Why? It’s just like with your mouth.” He pushes the fingers from his other hand past her teeth as a statement.

“We’re not doing anything sexual,” she spouts naïvely.

“You don’t consider this sex?” He probes her mouth even deeper.

“Your fingers are not for sex, my mouth is not for sex. It only becomes sex if something enters my vagina or if your cock enters me,” she informs him with an air of confidence that makes him laugh. She really is innocent.

“So what can we do then?” he asks.

“What do you want to do?” she turns the question around on him.

“I want to go as far as you’ll let me,” he admits while pushing further into her cunt.

“Don’t break my hymen,” she pleads with tears in her eyes. “I’m saving that for my boyfriend when I get one.”

“But I can touch it?” he asks while finding the thin membrane and scraping it softly with his fingernail.

“Oh god,” she shudders. “No, don’t do that. You’re fingers are too hard.”

“What about my tongue,” he suggests.

“What do you mean?”

“My tongue can not reach very far inside you nor can it tear your hymen,” he assures her.

“Well…” She is intrigued by the idea. After some thought she leans back, resting her hands on the floor behind her so that she is propped up. With her eyes closed she can not see what he is doing but she can hear him repositioning himself on his hands and knees in front of her. She can feel his hair brushing against her thighs as he leans his head close to her crotch. She has to cover her mouth to keep from giggling. After Aaron notices this, he places both his hands on her inner thighs and runs them down toward her crotch. “Don’t!” she gasps while closing her legs on his head.

“I’m not inside you,” he argues.

“But that tickles,” she finally lets herself laugh.

“This is what you wanted right, not to have anything touching your legs? You want to be completely exposed, right?” He breathes on her crotch, causing her to squeak.

“Y-yes,” she admits while trying to catch her breath. Without warning he plunges his tongue into her cunt as far as he can go. It is nowhere near long enough to reach her hymen but she still squeals as he laps at the inside walls of her vagina. She grabs onto his hair and tries to pull his head out but she is thrashing around too much. She throws her own head back and moans loudly.

He continues to wiggle his tongue inside of her while running his hands along her thighs until she starts to shudder again. This time a steady stream of clear fluid sprays out from inside her vagina, hitting him in the upper lip. “Oh my god,” she groans while pulling on his hair painfully. Her back is arched so far that her head is practically touching the floor behind her.

“Well, I need a shower now,” Aaron spouts jokingly after he has caught his breath.

“I’m sorry,” Christina whimpers.

“It’s fine. Your face is still wet too.” He touches her cheek. She opens her eyes for a split second but quickly closes them again. “What?” he can tell that something is on her mind.

“I was wondering if we should kiss,” she admits shyly.

“Does that fall under things siblings should not do?” he asks.

“I don’t think so. I mean, we’ve kissed before, haven’t we?” She recalls having seen them pressing their lips together several times throughout the home videos that they were watching, which are still running on low volume on the TV behind her.

“So that’s a yes?” He moves his face close to hers.

“You smell funny,” she laughs.

“Whose fault do you think that is?” he spouts before smashing his face against hers. She holds perfectly still, letting him lick the outside of her lips. It is only when he pushes his tongue into her mouth that she resists. “What?” he is confused.

“I was just thinking about where your tongue just was,” she explains.

“Well your mouth is full of pee,” he reminds her.

“We should really shower,” she surmises. Without warning he stands up, pulling her shirt off over her head. “Hey!” she shrieks while covering her chest with her arms. She is not extremely developed but the fact that she has to hold her breasts down at all turns Aaron on. He tries to pull her arms away but she folds her hands under her armpits.

“You said I could look, right?” he reminds her.

“At the outside of my crotch,” she counters.

“What’s wrong with seeing your chest?” he argues.

“They’re… they’re really hard right now,” she mutters meekly.

Now Aaron really wants to see her nipples so he can judge for himself. Her embarrassed face convinces him not to push the issue though. She has been sitting here half naked with her eyes closed for a while now, letting him do quite a lot of things to her. “You’re so cute.” He hugs her tightly, eliciting another short shriek. Without her shirt she can feel his bare arms against the skin of her back. He is running his fingers along the bumps of her spine. She is rather skinny and bony.

“Weren’t we going to shower?” she asks desperately. He rests his head against her shoulder before nodding so she can feel what he is doing since her eyes are still closed. She yelps when he lowers his arms to her waist and lifts her off her feet. She has to wrap her legs around his waist to make sure she does not fall as he carries her to the bathroom. “Wait, I have to pee again.” She lowers her feet to the floor as soon as they are through the door. He directs her to the toilet and helps her sit down without looking. “Don’t watch,” she instructs him.

“I’m not,” he lies outright while stepping back to get a better view. She winces as she tries to force herself to pee despite the apprehension she feels with her brother in the room with her. Her face has turned red by the time she finally manages to push out a steady stream of urine. Aaron can feel himself getting hard again just watching her. He tries to stop the blood rushing to his penis by relaxing his bladder muscles. The obvious result is him needing to pee now as well.


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