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Sibling Tussle

“Doesn’t it hurt?” he is slightly concerned.

“A lot,” she admits. “That’s what’s amazing though. Why do I like it when it so obviously hurts? I would not just stick something else down my throat. It’s definitely your cock. There’s something special about it.”

“Maybe we should test this out a little,” he suggests. “What if I stick is somewhere else.” He touches her crotch.

She gasps before responding. “You can put it up my butt tonight,” she offers shyly. “I want to see how far it will go.”

“But not your cunt,” Aaron is slightly disappointed.

She shakes her head. “Only my butt.”

“Can you say that again?” he asks with a sly smile.

“Only my butt?” she repeats inquisitively.

“It’s every guy’s dream for a girl to offer them anal,” he announces gleefully. “I think I left the camera rolling in the living room. Can you say that in front of it?”

“No, that’s so embarrassing.” She covers her face with her hands.

“Isn’t it exhilarating though? The idea of being filmed naked?”

“A little.” She nods.

“Come on. Let’s just try it out.” He lifts her out of the tub by her armpits.

“It’s cold out here.” She starts to shiver immediately.

“Don’t.” He stops her from grabbing a towel to dry off with.

“Why? I’m cold,” she whines. He pinches one of her nipples in response. They are twice as hard as before. “You’re so mean,’ she wails.

“You look so shiny.” He runs his hands along her sleek wet body.

“At least it’s not pee this time,” she sighs while letting him lead her back to the living room without toweling off. The video camera is still sitting on the coffee table and the recording light is still on. “What do you want me to say exactly?” she asks with a sigh.

“Tell me what I’m going to do to you tonight.” He picks up the camera and points it at her face.

“This is so bad.” She averts her eyes.

“Come on,” he urges her.

“I’m going to…”

“Say your name too,” he interrupts her.

“Why?” she moans.

“It’ll be like a declaration.”

“Fine,” she is in no mood to argue. “I, Christina Ray Lawrence, am going to let my brother slide his cock all the way up my butt tonight.”

“I can’t believe I have that permanently,” he laughs. “Maybe I should make it my new ring tone.”

“I’ll tell mom,” she threatens him.

“Will you be able to with your mouth full of cock though?” he counters.

“I hate you so much,” she whines.

“But you love my dick,” he continues to taunt her.

She looks straight into the camera before responding. “I love your dick. I love getting peed on by it, I love getting face fucked and throat fucked by it. I love having it in my mouth and I love swallowing your cum.” Her face is bright red by the time she finishes. Aaron is surprised that he did not even have to goad her this time.

“Come on, let’s go outside.” He marches toward the front door.

“Let me get dressed first.” She rushes off toward the stairs.

“Oh no, we’re not getting dressed.” He informs her.

“What?” The color drains from her face.

“I want to film you walking around the yard completely naked.” He pulls her back toward the door. She opens her mouth to say something but closes it almost as quickly. She has given up arguing with him. Covering her chest with her arms, she allows herself to be led out the front door. The first thing she notices is the summer sun warming her cold body. The water on her skin starts to evaporate instantly.

“What should I do?” she asks while looking around.

“Just pose in a few places,” he suggests. “I want to get some shots of you playing on the porch swing and maybe pushing your crotch against the fence or something.”

“What if people see us?” she moans.

“Then we’ll bribe them to keep quiet with your throat skills,” he teases her. She seems to think he is serious though.

Over the next half hour, Aaron films Christina posing all around the yard. Most of the time she looks extremely embarrassed but he convinces her to give the camera a few peace signs with her fingers and to bite her bottom lip suggestively a few times. Sometimes she even poses masturbating and licking her own nipples. The most suggestive position he films her in is straddling the handle of a rake and grinding her cunt against it while moaning.

“I’m so hot,” she gasps when he finally sets the camera down. “I really want something inside me.” She pushes her fingers into her cunt, which is moist from arousal.

“You can use me,” Aaron offers jokingly.

“I don’t want you to take my virginity,” she argues.

“Fine then.” He moves around behind her and starts to rub her cunt with his fingers. She moans as he uses her wetness to lubricate his fingers. Suddenly her eyes shoot open when he pushes his wet fingers into the tight bud that is her asshole.

“Oh god!” she groans. “What are you doing?”

“Getting you ready,” he informs her while wiggling his fingers.

“It hurts a lot,” she admits.

“But you like that part,” he reminds her. “You like doing things that feel wrong.”

“Yes,” she gasps.

As if to iterate his point, he pushes the head of his cock past the ring of her now slippery asshole. “Oh!” she lets out a loud yelp. “It really hurts. Oh my god, I’m being stretched.”

“Yes you are.” He squeezes her butt affectionately.

“I’m being impaled. I’m having a rod shoved inside of me. I’m getting fucked in the ass,” she cries in pain as he slips further into her. He feels slightly bad for her. This is definitely not the same as having her mouth fucked. These muscles are more sensitive. He will not stop though. He has no idea if he will get another day like today; where he was able to convince her to give him almost everything. “Please, let me rest,” she begs.

“Not yet.” He gives one last shove, pushing the head of his cock past her ring entirely. It slips inside with an audible pop, followed immediately by a shriek from Christina.

“It’s tearing. It’s gonna tear. You’re ripping my ass open.”

“That’s the point.” He runs his fingers along her spine, causing her to spasm. “I’m turning you into a cock slut.”

“I don’t want to be a slut,” she wheezes.

“You want to swallow my cum, don’t you?”

“Yes,” she admits.

“You want to get your throat fucked?”

“Yes,” she repeats.

“You want to have your ass filled with cum too?” She is only able to nod in response. “Then you want to get fucked in the ass. You are a slut.”

“I am a slut,” she repeats in a whisper. “I like getting fucked by my brother. I like that it is wrong. I’m not going to wash myself afterward. I’m not going to close my eyes. I’m going to let him do this to me again and again. I’m going to beg him to fuck me. No one else, only him. I’m his slut.”

“That’s right, you’re my slut.” Aaron shoves another inch of his cock into her, making her scream and bite her tongue. “Does it hurt?” he asks an obvious question.

“Yes,” she breathes out. “It hurts so much I want to die.”

“No you don’t. You want me to keep going.”

“Yes, I do.”

“Then say it.”

“Please… don’t stop fucking my ass. Please hurt me more. I want to feel it. I want to be stretched. I want to be a slut.”

On cue, he shoves more of his cock into her. She is completely winded and can no longer talk. He takes the time to slide all but the head out of her before shoving back in. She has no air to scream with but her head still jerks. He repeats this action for a while as her eyes roll back into her head. Each time he gets a little further until he finally bottoms out inside her, though she has already passed out from lack of oxygen, slumping forward on the stairs of the front porch. Her breathing picks up as he allows her to rest, her chest rising and falling.

She is still unable to talk when she regains consciousness. She seems disoriented but a strange smile spreads across her face when she realizes that she is still getting fucked by her brother. He wonders if she thought it was all a dream for a moment. With nothing but a nod, she lets him know that she is ready to continue. He slides almost all the way out before slamming back in. She grunts instead of screaming, holding her breath to keep the noise down.

He repeats his action until he has a good pace going. When she can no longer hold her breath, she starts to groan dizzily. Each thrust makes her yelp but it is no longer as sharp. She almost seems half asleep, barely acknowledging the movement inside her with her noise. Her eyes are spinning in her head and her tongue is hanging out. When she nearly slides off the steps to the deck, he grabs her around the waist and lifts her up again. He fucks her in a standing position for a while but soon gets tired. Eventually he sits down on the steps himself with her in his lap. He has to actually hold her a few inches above himself so he has room to lower himself down and raises himself back up, still slamming into her butt.

She does not seem to care at all anymore. Her noises are mere gurgles and groans from her drooling mouth with the occasional squeak when he puts a little too much force behind his thrusting. She seems to have melted in his lap. He can not be sure but she might actually be enjoying it. After a while, her groans grow louder and more frequent. He can tell that she her orgasm is approaching. He pulls her down into his lap one final time and starts to cum inside her as soon as she starts to spasm.

She thrashes about for a moment, sliding his cock in and out of her butt on her own, until she has calmed down. She sighs with relief, letting out a slight chirping sound each time her chest falls as her breathing becomes more steady. After sitting in his lap for over a minute, her eyes finally return to normal. “It’s so warm,” she sighs contently while touching her stomach. “I can feel it all the way inside. I wish I could swallow some more right now.”


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