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A different day

Hello, name’s Tate!A little about me, I am a 13 year old boy, kinda small, I got blue eyes and dirty-blode straight hair. It happened sometime around the summer vacations, I had just woke up from my good sleep to find out that I had a morning boner, I never really cared about it until […]

A Friendly Favor

Introduction: This follows “My First Experience With Josh” and “Someone to Talk to” More Continuing Explorations For the next month after that first time with Ryan we hung out a lot more. He was still dating someone and I was in the closet, but we enjoyed each other’s company and remained friends. (63)

Science Can Be Fun

As high schools go, it was small with only about 140 students. Brandon was a sophomore and superbly gay. More accurately, he was a precocious flaming queen and it didn’t bother him one bit. He stood a whopping 5′ 5” tall and was as skinny as a rail. He had delicate, feminine features, sandy blond […]

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