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रीना की चूत की तड़प

हेल्लो दोस्तों, ये sex stories है रीना की चूत की तड़प की। अपने पति के देहांत के बाद रीना की चूत प्यासी ही रहती है और उसकी हवस बढ़ते बढ़ते उसको पागल ही कर रही है। फिह्र वो एक दिन अपनी तड़प मिटाने की ठान लेती है- मेरा नाम रीना माथुर है। मेरे पति मनोज […]

Double Date

Leanne was pissed off. She had come home from college for a week only to be saddled with watching over her 15-year-old sister all the time. Her parents had decided that since she was back, even temporarily, they could count on her to watch Wendy while they went off on some “date nights”, which they […]

Deli Girl

Introduction: Tom and Debbie have known each other for years, and now both are single, they explore life and sex My name is Tom, I am 54, separated now about a year now, with the divorce becoming final soon, from an 8 year marriage that should have never happened, but oh well. I was married […]

The Jaguar Shaman

Introduction: A quiet student makes a life changing discovery in the Costa Rican jungle The sunrise crept up over the jungle. The village was asleep except for a pair of coupling itzcuintli, the domesticated dogs kept by the people of Central America for centuries. A strange smell wafted from the nearby jungle, inciting the dogs […]

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