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The First Time

Why does it always feels like yesterday that you had your first kiss, first blowjob, first love letter, first nude, etc, strange right?

I didn’t have the pleasure to receive all of this at once, I guess so only I cherish all of them. Since this is a sex story website, I will mention about my first session and few others in sexual adventures. I will not be a tease by not completing a story but I will make sure that even after it gets over, you will be teased.

I had my first time with my college junior. This is more like a normal sex story. The way it started was different. The star of the sex story will be called XX and you can call me AA, she is a beautiful dusty with all her perfections and imperfections. Her boobs were the firmest, her ass was very shaped, she had these small love handles on the sides to hold with, her body was natural hairless(mostly) and her mouth was the warmest as she learned to give amazing BJ’s. Her measurement than was 34-30-34. She used to be an athlete in school, which helped her in her early 20’s.

This basically happened after college days. We got in touch through the Facebook. I didn’t have any sexual intentions towards her, as she was dating at the time. She always used to crib about her guy to me. I suggested her to break up with him than spend any more time in a shitty relationship. For a couple of days, she didn’t message but one day she called up suddenly and told me that she has some good news for me. I understood that she broke up, so I just played all with her.

Then, we spoke about random topics and ended the call. She started to text and call me on a regular basis for a couple of days. Even I was fine with it. Then, she once told me that she likes me. I told her that I don’t want an emotional relationship but looking for a physical one. I also told her that she isn’t that type of person, so asked her to move on. She had some problem with her life and I helped her out. She falls for me and she said that she is ready to just have a physical relationship.

In the past, I had already had my first wonderful kiss, blowjob, sucking my partner’s boobs and pussy. She knew all this. She was fine with everything. I didn’t know much about her life so I asked. She informed me that she has made out a few times. So she was ready for the same and not sex. Since I was also single and XX was okay with it, I made the plan for the weekend to go for a movie and make out.

Believe me, that is was a shocking experience and a pleasurable one too. So we booked a flop movie in PVR and therefore, there were mostly couples. During the movie, I moved my hands over shoulders and made her comfortable by resting her head on my shoulders. She was relaxed and after a few minutes she looked into my eyes and we lip locked. She didn’t move her lips much; I thought she is still nervous.

So I back up and let her breath and then I went in for a smooch which was wet and tasty. I looked around and found no one in the entire row we were sitting or the rows below. So I started to feel those firm breast and wow. It was just amazing; her eyes were shut and enjoying my touches. Then, I moved my other hand on her pussy. She shivered and placed her hands on my already hard dick. She was feeling it all over my jeans. She was just enjoying all the touches and just reacting over basic instincts.

The interval was about to start. So we both came back to the same position. We went out and got water. Since the theater was empty I wanted to try my luck for a blowjob, I informed her but she seemed lost. The movie started and so did our exploring. I opened my zip and pulled out my dick and then moved my hands towards her boobs and pussy. Her hand moved towards my dick and she held it firm.

I whispered in her ears to play with it for a while, she started to move it and I was feeling wonderful. Then, I gave her a long smooch and then asked her to take it into her mouth. She didn’t say anything and just went under, wow. That felt wonderful her month was really warm and good, even though her teeth were getting in the way it was wonderful for her first time. She went on and on, then I told her that I am going to cum, she didn’t move.

I explored inside her mouth and she took everything inside. She was shocked but loved the experience. Then, I moved my hands on her pussy over her clothes, it was wet. I moved my hands inside her and put my figure inside her, she started to moan. She was just enjoying all the experience and then she had her 1st orgasm with a loud moan.

She caught her breath and explained that in her whole life she never experienced such pleasure as she had only kissed which she thought that was making out. We laughed it out and the next weekend we went for another movie, where we only made out again.

After that she could not meet me nor could I. So once on the call, she told me that she wanted me to take her virginity. I was really happy, as I would also get to lose mine.

During the week I went and booked the room for the day and informed her about the location and what time she has to come the next day. She agreed and the next day she came close by and I picked her up. I brought her a cake since it was a birthday a couple of days before we started our making out sessions. She as surprised and thrilled but the slight decoration I made in the room with cake and balloons. We cut the cake and had a bite. Then we kept the cake aside on the table.

I held her hand and took her to the bed. I made her lie down and started to kiss her forehead to pussy with her clothes on. She was on cloud nine and so was I. I slowly removed my shirt and asked her to remove her’s. She did not want to, so I started to kiss her again and in-between I undid her bar. Started to enjoy them much better, she got really excited by my actions and she pushed my face, took her shirt off and garbed my head to her wonderful boobs.

I sucked them properly, she had wonderful smooth skin and big nipples. I was just lost in those precious boobs. She could not control anymore so she pushed me on the bed and undid my pants, I would see the hunger in her eyes. She just took my dick and gave me one of the best blowjobs, I would not control myself so let it all go. Believe me, guys, when a girl willing takes your cum without any fuss, it feels wonderful. Then she swallowed it all in and went to the washroom. She washed her pussy and mouth. She still didn’t remove her pants yet. She came back and tried covering her self with the blanket.

I got up for the bed and started kissing her like a wild animal and removed her pants and underwear. Just palmed my hand over her pussy and that made her even hornier to which she started to kiss with more passion. Then I lifted her up and placed her on the bed like a baby and continued kissing her but with more passion than hunger. I took out the condoms, as I was ready for the first time. I placed the condom and tried putting it inside.

It not easy the first guys, so be careful. Even over the condom, I could feel the warmth. I started to trust in and out. Her morns grew and so did my trusts in the missionary position. I was nearing to cum, so asked her to change positions. She went doggy style with her hands and the bed railing with one hand on her boobs and the other holding her hair. I grabbed her hand and started to thrust harder. Her moans grew more and so did I to cum.

I give in all I had and she had her orgasm, her pussy was latterly milking me. I could feel her inner walls expanding and contracting during her orgasm. I couldn’t hold anymore and I came. We both just lied on the bed for half an hour to catch our breath.

After a while she asked me to go down on her, she went to the washroom to clean herself. She came back, I went down but I could still smell the condom and cause of that I couldn’t. she told me that it was fine and we just started to speak about the entire experience. Talking about it made both of us horny. She took out the condom, place it on my dick and she started to ride me. One thing is sure, once you made a girl horny.

That is when you can taste what is sex. She rode me completely until I came and she just fell on me after I came. During the time I was admiring her beauty with my eyes and hands. I was feeling her all throughout. When I was close to cumming, I garbed her wonderful ass so that I can trust her more. Wooow. That was an amazing ride. I still jerk off at times cause of that. We both were completely exhausted so we just slept for a while.

I got up before her, went and got a couple of things to eat. I came back to find her still asleep. So I also went to bed just to find out she was awake and still horny. I started to figure her, played with her clits for a long time, she shouted on top of her voice. Then she went numb for a while, I was also excused so slept. I woke up to her giving me a hand job, making me ready.

Then she started with the blowjob and I found her holding the last condom in her hand. The look on her face made me very horny. I just held her by her hair in one hand and her boobs by the other. She loved it. I took some cake and spread in on her boobs and pussy and just ate her out. She tasted better with the cake fostering (hehehe).


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