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The Seduction of Mr. Johnson – Charlie’s Adventures #1

I can feel my orgasm peaking once again and I breathe hard, panting and screaming, “Michael, I’m gonna cum!” I say as he grabs a hold of my hips and starts thrusting up into me with what seems like all of his force and energy. My eyes actually do roll into the back of my head as I begin to orgasm, my pussy clenching even tighter around his cock as I begin spasming around his cock, my orgasm stronger than any I have ever had before. My pussy clenching must bring him over the edge, because ten seconds later he’s joining me in my orgasm and I feel his hot cum spurting into my pussy, filling me up. My pussy spasming around his cock, milking his cock for every ounce of cum possible.

He falls back onto the bed, breathing hard with sweat running down his forehead. “Jesus Christ..” he says and lifts me, laying me on the bed beside him. I giggle and he kisses me firmly, “Oh Charlie..” He pulls me against his chest and kisses my head.

“I love you, Mr. Johnson,” I whisper as I drift off into sleep. I think I hear it back before I drift off into darkness.


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