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The Warehouse

Master overseeing a forced orgy takes a special interest in 2 girls.
There are certain secret places, worlds hidden within the world, and the ‘Warehouse’ was one of them. All wasn’t as it seemed at first glance. James Reese, the ‘Master’ of tonight’s initiation ceremony, stood on a platform overlooking the inside of the gigantic building. The inside of the warehouse was filled primarily with three things: naked bodies, beds, and a rich assortment of sex toys. To the not-so-astute observer, it looked like nothing more than a glitzy, over-the-top pornographic production. Video cameras on tripods were mounted all over the enclosure. Men and women of every skin color and ethnicity were busy performing more types of sexual acts than a person could easily recount.

Standing beside Mr. Reese, his assistant, Mr. White, a wiry old man, nodded with satisfaction.

“Well, Sir, what do you think of the latest crop of recruits?”

Master Reese looked out at the proceedings below. “I’m undecided, Ethan. We shall see as the night progresses.”

This wasn’t any typical porn industry production in progress. The girls here tonight – and even a good share of the guys – had been kidnapped and forcibly brought here. Their clothes stripped of them, their families threatened, they were told one thing only: You are a sex slave now. Your only purpose in life will be to please your future master or mistress, nothing more. Tonight was a showcase of their abilities, their libido, and their sexual allure. All of the captured sex slaves had been given one simple instruction tonight. Release your inhibitions and put on a good show for the potential buyers watching the live streams of the forced orgy.

It would be a night to remember.

Master Reese nodded at Mr. White and gestured toward the wraparound stairway. “Shall we go down for a closer look, my friend? After you.”

“Thank you, Sir.” Mr. White took the lead down the steps. Both men were impeccably dressed in tuxedos. As they reached the bottom of the stairs they got their first up-close view of the action.

A short, petite Puerto Rican girl named Chloe was fucking a man named Mike in the reverse-cowgirl position. She was moaning as her pussy pumped up and down his shaft. Her breasts shook as she looked back towards him. Mike slapped her butt cheeks with a resounding SMACK.

“Move that ass, bitch. I want to see your cunt cream dripping down my shaft. Let’s see how horny your young pussy can get.” Mike was one of the ‘enforcers’ at tonight’s event. These were the men who participated and, if they saw any girls or guy-slaves slacking off, they provided the means of extra motivation. That meant punishment.

“Ooohh!!! Please, I’m fucking you, what more do you want?” Chloe moaned. She turned to look forward again, startled to see a tall black man named Chris standing before her on the bed.

“Why don’t we fill this cutie’s mouth? I think she talks too much. Suck it, bitch.” Master Reese heard Chloe’s muffled cry as Chris pinched Chloe’s nose so that she had to open her mouth wide to take in a gulp of air. He pushed his cock between her lips, and soon she was making more muffled sounds of sucking and licking as he grabbed the back of her head and thrust his penis towards the back of her throat. A few minutes passed until the sound of her desperate sucking and slurping reached a crescendo.

“AAAAHHH. This bitch was born to suck cock,” Chris growled. He looked down to see pre-cum leaking from between Chloe’s lips, dribbling down the girl’s chin, all the way to her sexy breasts. Meanwhile, Mike watched avidly as the seal of Chloe’s cunt lips gripped his cock. Master Reese noted with satisfaction that Mike’s cum leaked down the sides of his own shaft. Chloe had already made him gush inside her.

“It seems this one has potential,” Mr. White murmured. Mr. Reese nodded.

“So it appears.” Reese peered at Chloe more closely as they walked by. She was beautiful, maybe 5’2 with medium-shaped yet perky breasts, and that face…it was cute with that button of a nose and such expressive brown eyes.

“Where did we acquire her, and what’s her name?”

Mr. White consulted his phone. “Ah, she’s a fresh new face. Chloe Esperita, 18 years of age. Her father owed some sizeable gambling debts to The Collective. Mr. Tycho took the man’s wife and daughter as payment.

Mr. Reese rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “Is that so? You’ll have to point out the girl’s mother to me, if we happen to run across her. I wonder if the apple fell far from the tree, so to speak.” He watched intently as the big black man named Chris grunted, pulling his shaft out of Chloe’s mouth. Huge strings of pre-cum drifted from her bottom lip. He wiped a large splotch of pre-cum against her nose, making it glisten.

“Not bad, little slut. Now let’s see if my friend is done fucking your pussy. I want a turn.”

“No. Please, let me rest,” Chloe begged. Instead, she yelped as Mike slapped her ass cheeks again.

“She’s all yours. I came up her young twat already. Let me tell you, brother, her pussy is a real ball-milking paradise. She’ll have you coming inside her like a bull in heat.” So saying, Mike pushed the girl off of him and the big black man picked her up as if she weighed nothing.

“Wait! What are you doing?! Aaahhh!” Chloe squealed as Chris impaled her slick cunt on his eagerly waiting prick. Chloe’s arms instinctively wrapped around Chris’s neck while Mr. Reese watched her snatch slam down hard onto the black man’s ebony knob. She sank balls-deep onto him with a plaintive groan that expressed a mixture of pain and pleasure.

“Ooooh! Please, Sir. Go slow. You’re huge,” Chloe sighed.

“Do you love my cock, bitch? Tell me how much you LOVE this cock,” Chris growled as he cupped her ass with one hand and inserted a saliva-coated finger into her anus with his other hand.

“Yes, Sir. I love your cock!” Chloe wailed. “AHH!”

The two formally dressed men turned to look at one another.

“Shall we see what else is on the menu?” Mr. White continued. Mr. Reese nodded, glancing at the noticeable bulge in the older man’s pants.

“By all means.”

They continued on, turning down an aisle lined with beds and couples, or even groups with three, four, or more naked sexual partners crammed on the same bed. Mr. Reese’s hawk-like face stiffened as he saw someone he recognized.

A busty, young brunette with pale skin named Sabrina rode the cock of a man named Mark. Her curvy, naked figure writhed on top of the man, who was both handsome and muscular. The couple faced each other, their hands intertwined for easy leverage as Sabrina bounced on his shaft. Her tits shook violently with the force of her enthusiastic impalements. The sound of their smacking bodies echoed well beyond, lost only in the constant grunts, smacks, moans, and sounds of sexual release coming from throughout the warehouse.

“Yes. Tear out my pussy. Fuck me, Mark. I want your cock deep inside me. I want it stabbing into my cervix, you bastard. Fuck me and fill me with your hot seed. I want it all, Mark, so deep inside me! Make me your slut,” she cooed. Mark just kept grunting beneath her, clearly marveling at her jiggling breasts and the tireless slit that kept making his manhood vanish between such silky-soft folds. Her shaved pussy pumped fast and furiously. Judging from the strong scent of feminine fluids, she’d already reached orgasm at least once.

Mr. White blanched when he saw the couple, and his gaze slid nervously to Mr. Reese, whose face had turned ashen.

“I had no idea, Sir. If I had known…”

“Please, Ethan. You know I don’t blame you for this. Wait here. Let me take care of this.” The tall, impressively built Mr. Reese was in his mid-40s, though he looked much younger. A casual observer wouldn’t have guessed the truth, looking at the nubile young body of Sabrina Reese, his 21-year-old daughter.

Mr. Reese came rushing over to her as she humped fervently on her boyfriend’s cock.

“Sabrina, you were forbidden to come to this event and you disobeyed anyway,” he growled. “I am very disappointed in you.”

Suddenly the young woman came out of her sexual bliss. She kept bouncing on Mark’s iron-hard shaft, but as her breasts kept jiggling, her face turned to one of panic.

“Ohhh please Daddy, I wanted to come and see what it was like. It’s so hot. This is such a turn-on, to be surrounded by so many beautiful naked young sex slaves. I couldn’t NOT come, Daddy. Please don’t be mad. I roped Mark into coming, so don’t blame him. Please let me stay.”

James Reese gave his daughter a glare colder than ice. “You chose to come here despite my command. You know that when you disobey me, there are always consequences.” He stepped over to a chest near the end of the bed. Every aisle had a few of these chests positioned strategically here and there. He opened it up and drew out a short three-tailed whip with beaded nylon tips on each end. He handed it to a startled Mark.

“I want you to whip those tits hard, Mark. Her ass too. If you want to be my future son-in-law, you’ll do exactly as I say.”

The stunned young man gaped for a moment before recovering his senses. He knew that his girlfriend’s father was not a man to be trifled with. The man’s reputation was downright scary.

“Yes, Sir.” Mark’s wrist flicked, and the three-tailed whip smacked hard right across Sabrina’s breasts. The girl knew better than to try to block the blow with her arms – that would just bring more displeasure and punishment. So she just groaned as she felt the sting of the whip slap across her supple young cones. She kept pumping her pussy up and down, greedily slurping up Mark’s penis into her damp heat. The squelchy-wet sounds of her aroused pussy creaming up on Mark’s shaft offered a strange contrast to her yelps of pain.

“OW! UHH!!!” Sabrina groaned as the next lash of the whip snaked across her perfectly-sculpted ass cheeks. Then Mark returned to her perky breasts, slamming the whip resoundingly right across her nipples as she squealed loudly for all to hear.

“Please Daddy, make him stop. Please!” Sabrina moaned. “It hurts so much.”

“You should have thought of that before disobeying me,” her father reminded her. Now Mr. Reese turned to go, but not before giving Mark one last instruction.

“Mark, keep whipping her like that until she’s too exhausted to even fuck. I want her to almost pass out riding your shaft. I want her tits and ass so sore from your whipping that she’ll never forget tonight’s lesson. Is that clear?”


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