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The Warehouse

“Uh! Uh!! UH!!! Yes, Sir,” Mark grunted. “Crystal clear. I’ll whip Sabrina until she can barely move, Sir. I’ll make her writhe on my cock until she’s barely conscious. Ahhh!!!”

“Good. See that you do, Mark. I have full confidence that you can outlast her. Do not disappoint me,” Mr. Reese warned. With one parting look at his naked daughter, the man said, “Have fun, Sweetie.”

He ignored Sabrina’s pleas trailing after him – “No, Daddy. Oh please Daddy!” – and rejoined his companion.

“That was well done,” Mr. White said.

“When providing discipline, sometimes I prefer to improvise. Unfortunately, my daughter is a lascivious little slut. She requires more correction than most.”

Most people would have been shocked to hear a man talk about his own daughter this way, but not Ethan White. He knew his master’s oddities and the Reese family’s foibles better than he knew himself. He was a constant confidante to his boss. He’d grown more than just close to Mr. James Reese. The bond of loyalty connecting Ethan to the man he served was sacrosanct.

Now the two men passed a short, busty Asian girl with red-dyed hair named Ava. Her perfectly shaped breasts were heaving after a rough coupling, and she sat on the bed with her legs wide, cum seeping from her raped pussy. Another Asian girl named Lily knelt beside her, spreading her cunt lips wide with her fingers so that five men gathered around could watch each drop of jism seeping out onto the bedsheets.

“Oooh baby, look at all that nasty cum,” Lily purred. “You’re a real natural, a sweet, submissive slave. These men are going to fuck you all night long. Doesn’t that sound fun? What should we do next? Maybe you need your ass fucked.” Lily was one of the few female enforcers. Her wicked smile gave her away. She stroked Ava’s breasts and nibbled at the captive’s nipples as the 22-year-old girl moaned.

“Please, have mercy. I’ve never…done anal before. And my pussy is so sore! Let me at least rest before the next man fucks me,” Ava whined. But Lily just shook her head.

“What, and disappoint the potential buyers watching the live streams to evaluate your sexual talents? The show must go on, cute slut…and go on it shall.”

Mr. Reese and Mr. White moved out of earshot.

“Where did we get that sexy Asian cunt?” Mr. Reese asked.

“She was a refugee from Myanmar. One of the Collective’s patrols picked her up, half-drowned on a sinking boat. We don’t know much about her.”

Mr. Reese gave a subtle smile. “Well, I liked the look of that girl’s pussy, even if it was dripping with another man’s cum. Make a note to have her thoroughly cleaned and brought up to my suite in the early hours of the morning, will you?”

“Of course, Sir. As you wish.”

And with that, the two men proceeded through the remaining aisles during the forced orgy. Somewhere, Mr. Reese imagined he heard Sabrina’s cries as she humped her boyfriend’s cock and felt the hard bite of the whip across her sensitive young breasts. The Warehouse continued to echo with the groans, grunts, and cries of willing – and unwilling – sexual partners long into the night.

Several Hours Later…

James Reese stepped out of the shower in his upstairs suite at the Sheraton Royale. The Collective owned the entire hotel, all the staff too. It was the perfect concentration of vice within a city of vice. Slipping into his mauve bathrobe, the athletic, middle-aged man took a sip of his favorite vodka, put the glass back on the nightstand. He fired up his laptop and glanced at the time.

It was nearly three in the morning. The sexual escapades at the Warehouse a short distance away had almost certainly died down by now. He brought up his email and pulled up his various banking accounts. His phone rang, he picked up.


“Mr. Reese, sorry to disturb you, Sir.”

Reese chuckled. “It’s fine, Ethan. No need to apologize. I told you to call me at this hour, remember? How are things faring at the Warehouse? Was our little showcase a success?”

Mr. White’s voice took on a rare, boastful tinge. “Actually, quite so, Sir. Quite so. You’ll see if you pull up the accounts, 90% of the slave girls have already been awarded to the highest bidders. In the case of the male slaves, that number is closer to 70%.”

Reese shrugged, not that Mr. White could’ve seen his reaction. “It is what it is. The males always sell at a lower rate. We still take a profit, and that’s what matters. The Collective will be satisfied, and that’s what matters.”

“Just so, Sir. Very good. May I bring up something else?”

Mr. Reese refilled his vodka glass and sat down on the edge of his king-sized bed. “By all means.”

“I bid on the three girls you requested. You won them below the price ceilings you outlined. The Asian girl, Ava. She should be – ”

There was a knock on the door.

“Room service,” a voice called in a polite, demurring tone.

“Hold on, someone’s at my door.”

“That will be her, Sir. The girl. I had Ava cleaned up and brought over straightaway, just as you requested.”

Mr. Reese’s eyebrows shot up. “That was faster than usual. Please express my compliments to the transition crew at the Warehouse. Remind me to tip them extra this time around.”

“Will do, Sir.”

“Very well. We’ll speak later, Mr. White. I bid you good evening.” The hawk-faced man hung up the phone and answered the door. Two burly men in hotel uniforms had a beautiful young Asian woman between them. She was naked except for the handcuffs keeping her wrists together in front of her, and the leather collar around her neck. She looked submissively to the carpeting as Mr. Reese opened the door. She was trembling.

“This is Ava, sex slave ID number 35166. Delivered just as promised. She’s all yours, Sir. Congratulations.”

Mr. Reese put a wad of cash discreetly into the man’s palm. “No, thank YOU. Have a good evening, gentlemen.”

The other man handed Mr. Reese an envelope with a key to Ava’s collar and a receipt from the transaction. Then they were gone, and James scrutinized the girl more closely. In any other hotel, he would’ve had to be concerned parading a naked young slave girl through the halls, but this floor’s access was limited to high-ranking members of the Collective only. He admired the girl’s lush beauty. She was light-skinned, with firm, rounded breasts. Her face was pretty, soft, and delicate. It just screamed ‘submissive’ to him, and he very much approved. Her pussy hadn’t been shaved, and there was an enticing little thatch of pubic hair above it, which only turned him on more. Sometimes he liked his women shaved…but sometimes there was something ‘all woman’ about a girl who remained au naturale.

“Come in.” He put a hand on the girl’s ass, enjoying her curves as he used his hand to maneuver her inside.

“Let’s take that collar off you so that we can make you more comfortable.” He took out the key, inserted it into the lock at the back of the collar. Sure enough, something clicked, and Mr. Reese pulled the collar away, discarding it like trash. “I don’t think we’ll be needing that. I prefer my girls unadorned in some areas. The neck just happens to be one of them.” He gave her a charming smile as she looked at the floor. She still refused to meet his gaze.

“There, there. I understand you being a little nervous. Who wouldn’t be? Meeting your new owner can’t be easy,” he said gingerly. Suddenly he came up behind her, slipping a hand between her legs. He gently caressed her sex as the girl trembled in his arms.

“Please…Sir…I’m very tired.”

He loved the way this girl smelled…like jasmine and strawberries. He skimmed his jaw along her shoulder, over to her neck, and gave her a soft kiss behind the ear.

“Mmmm. So you have every right to be, you little slut. I saw you during the festivities.” He slapped her ass, loud enough to make the resounding smack something which startled her.

“On the bed with you, on your back. Legs wide. I agree, you should rest. You just let me do the work. For now, slave, I give you one command and one command only. Relax.”

Ava looked at him with a mixture of fear and hope. Maybe she’d expected an owner more brutal. James Reese didn’t know what was going through her mind, but he was intrigued. He watched avidly as she mounted the bed and laid down on her back. She spread her legs wide, revealing the freshly washed cunt which he couldn’t wait to taste. Mr. Reese shrugged out of his bathrobe. He wore nothing underneath. His shaft bobbed free, engorged and throbbing with desire. He crawled onto the foot of the bed and put his head between her legs. He gently outlined her cunt lips with his fingers.

“Mmmm. Now this looks delectable. I can’t wait to taste you, slut. You’re mine now. All mine. I’m a very lucky man, aren’t I?”

“Y-yes Master,” she said meekly. Good. Apparently the training was starting to take. That would make things easier for everyone. He’d had some slave girls, recalcitrant and rebellious. Breaking those girls was always hard but necessary. It would be refreshing to have an easy transition for once.

“Open your legs wider, bitch.”

“Yes Master.” She opened her silken thighs and he dove right in. Mr. Reese licked along the sides of her lips before tunneling his tongue inside her most intimate place. He loved the feel of her pussy on his tongue, the softness of her contours as he pleasured her. He nibbled at her clit, then stroked it with his tongue. Then he just settled for licking the girl’s sex, flicking his tongue insistently across her nerve bundle as her fluids began to slowly build up. He smelled her gathering scent with satisfaction. He placed his hands on the tops of her hips and caressed the girl’s skin as he picked up his pace. His tongue dove deeper. He slurped loudly as her fluids danced on his taste buds.

“God, you taste as good as I imagined,” he murmured huskily. “This makes me want to fuck you.”

He felt the girl tremble. “Please, Sir, I’m very sore. Many men fucked me in the…inside the big warehouse. My pussy is very sensitive.”

Mr. Reese came up grinning for a moment, her juices glistening along his jaw. “Is that so? I love a sensitive young pussy. Those are even more fun to fuck.” As he said this he began to line up his cock. Ava’s eyes widened in fear as she watched his huge cock-head press at the entrance to her delicate snatch. Just then she was saved by a knock at the door.


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