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The Warehouse

The middle-aged businessman growled in frustration. “Now who in the world…” He yanked his cock away and stormed for the door, not bothering to dress.

When he opened it, there were two more men in hotel uniforms. Just like the last pair, these men were well-built. Between them a petite, slender, and very attractive Puerto Rican girl stared at him with sullen eyes. She was naked, with no collar, but her wrists were cuffed in front of her.

“Sorry, Sir. Courtesy of your man, Mr. White. It’s a surprise gift for you. He thought you might enjoy her. The ownership paperwork has already been taken care of.”

Mr. Reese’s demeanor brightened considerably as he took in the girl’s lush curves. Her sun-kissed light brown complexion was a pleasing contrast to the slave girl he already had on his bed. “Very well. Leave her with me. But first, a moment.” He retrieved some cash and placed it in the man’s palm. “Have a good evening, gentlemen.” In a flash, they too were gone, and the sullen slave girl stood at his door.

His libido surged at the prospect of two young ladies naked in his bed for the night. Mr. Reese grasped Chloe by the nape of her neck and yanked her inside.

“You’re a little late to the party, bitch, but we can make up for lost time.” He pointed at Ava. The Asian girl’s legs were spread wide, her pink pussy glistening with some of her fluids in the soft light. “I was just giving your girlfriend there some cunnilingus to get her in the mood for my hard cock. You can finish getting her ready for me. Get in there and start licking.”

Mr. Reese was being abrupt and aggressive on purpose. He’d seen the sullen, resentful look in Chloe’s eyes. He was curious how she would react. He recognized rebellion lying just below the surface all too well. If Chloe was one of the more resistant slave girls, he needed to find that out sooner rather than later. Then he’d break her will, if it came to that.

“Yes Sir,” she said, staring at him with daggers. But she obeyed. The sexy girl knelt on the bed between Ava’s thighs. Chloe began dutifully licking and sucking on the girl’s quim. Her teeth gently pulled at Ava’s clitoris. The girl squirmed and moaned. Soon the Asian girl’s bound hands were lightly caressing Chloe’s hair as Chloe worked her tongue, pummeling Ava’s clit like a cunt-munching lesbian. Mr. Reese stood back, admiring the curve of Chloe’s ass and her tantalizing, fully exposed pussy. He needed to put his cock in that, no doubt about it.

For now, though, he left the two naked girls on the bed.

“You two behave…and don’t stop. I’ll be right back.” This was a test. He had closed CCTV in the room, and the app on his phone gave him a live feed. He wanted to see what they would do when he wasn’t in the room. He stepped out into the hallway, completely naked, and closed the door. He called Mr. White.

“Hello Sir?”

“Thank you for the surprise gift. I’m putting it to good use as we speak.”

“I’m glad to hear that, Sir. Is there anything else I can do for you?”

“No, not at all. Good night, Ethan. Or should I say ‘good morning? Ah, well. Don’t call me before noon. I have a busy night ahead of me.” He hung up and pulled up the feed.

The Puerto Rican hottie was still obediently slurping on Ava’s twat. In fact, her enthusiasm had gone up a notch. The Asian girl was moaning, bucking her hips a little in Chloe’s pretty face. Meanwhile Chloe’s nose was buried in the girl’s crotch. She was clearly licking, sucking, and flicking that tongue for all she was worth. Ava’s body squirmed as her chest rose and fell, higher and higher, with panting breaths.

“Oooohhhh,” Ava moaned. “Aaahhhh.”

Chloe buried her face in the Asian beauty’s snatch with redoubled effort. Her tongue slid between her slickening folds. Ava reached down to fondle her own breasts.

“Yes. More. Please more,” Ava sighed. “That feels so good.”

She moved her hips faster now. She shoved her pussy in Chloe’s face. Chloe took it, slurping more loudly, grasping Ava’s clit between her teeth and gently pinching the exquisitely sensitive nerve bundle until the busty Asian slave girl couldn’t take it anymore. Suddenly Ava’s hands bunched up in Chloe’s hair.

“Ooooohhhh!!!!” Ava crooned, and that was all the warning she gave before the orgasm tore through her. Mr. Reese snuck back into the room just in time to see Ava’s legs twitch as her cunt convulsed on Chloe’s tongue. The dark-skinned slave girl gave a muffled groan as she felt Ava’s juices spurt onto her tongue, down her throat, a pungent and flavorful medley that also filled the air with the smell of sex.

To Mr. Reese’s surprise, Chloe automatically swallowed and lapped up Ava’s cunt cream without being asked. He was mildly impressed as Chloe continued to lick out Ava’s fluids from the girl’s sated sex, never stopping because he – her Master – hadn’t yet told her to stop.

“That’s enough, Chloe.” Chloe sat up and looked over at him with those still sullen, unaccepting eyes.

“Yes Master,” she said woodenly. James strode over and cupped the side of Chloe’s face. Her jaw and chin were glistening with leftover cunt cream, so Mr. White leaned in and licked the nectar off Chloe’s face. He could sense her seething anger. She wanted to be free. She was daring him to do something about it, too, he could see it in her defiant gaze.

“I was going to fuck Ava first, but you know what, Chloe…I’ve changed my mind. You did such a good job, bringing your girlfriend to orgasm, I think you deserve the reward of taking the first cock.”

“Yes Master. As you wish,” Chloe said. He had Chloe lay right beside Ava, splaying her legs wide. Then he got an idea. He glanced over at Ava.

“Just because I’m being gentle with you tonight and taking pity on you doesn’t mean you don’t have to earn your keep, little bitch. I want you licking out my ass while I fuck your girlfriend. Don’t worry, I took a shower recently. It’s freshly washed.”

Ava blanched at the idea. He could tell that she was considering protesting. But she clamped her mouth shut at the last moment. She nodded and prepared to get on her hands and knees behind her Master, even as Mr. Reese positioned his cock-head at Chloe’s labia to begin the hard, brutal fucking.

“Are you ready, slut?”

Chloe licked her lips. For the first time, he saw a glimmer of something other than anger or resentment. There was a spark of anticipation, seeing that huge, impressive cock ready to penetrate her delicate sex.

“Yes, Master. Please fuck me.”

To his shock, there was a genuine note of desire in her voice. He complied, throwing his hips forward as he thrust into her balls-deep in one mighty fuck. Chloe gasped. Her cuffed hands pressed against his chest as he pounded inside of her. He relished the feel of that snug, cock-squeezing young pussy as it gripped him in all the right ways. She was tight, for sure. Then again, she was only 18 years old. He doubted she’d known may cocks before this night. Perhaps she’d sucked a few of her high school boyfriends off, but this would take things to a new level.

He grunted as he thrust deep inside her, again and again and again, and Chloe’s tits shook as the mattress underneath them shook too. James loved watching those young breasts jiggle as he fucked her. Her nipples stood out, hard, erect, and aroused as he lanced through her sex with one violent thrust after the next. He could fuck this girl all night long. God, she was so beautiful.

He put a hand around her neck to hold her in place as his cock slammed forward with a pulverizing thrust.

“Uhh!! You like that, bitch? Tell me you like it. Tell me how big your Master’s cock is.”

From Chloe’s training earlier that night, she knew the right answer. Her pretty face blushed with shame…and desire.

“Master, I love your cock inside me. Fuck me with your merciless cock. Your cock is huge, Sir. It’s the biggest cock my pussy has ever known. Please fuck me. Fuck me HARD, Master. I live for your cock,” she said dutifully. Her eyes were filled with sadness, resentment, but also lust – such a swirl of emotion. She bit her lip, moaning as he pounded into her. She was definitely getting off on this, but Mr. Reese wasn’t sure how much she was admitting the truth, even to herself.

Meanwhile, Mr. Reese felt the pleasant sensations of Ava’s tongue burrowing into his anus. The girl’s tongue felt heavenly as she stimulated his nerve endings to perfection. The sound of her slurps and of Mr. Reese’s body joining with Chloe’s during the constant cadence of their fucks now filled the room.

“Uhhh!!! I’m not coming inside you…not until you come first, little cunt. I want to see the look on your face as you come. I’ll give you pleasure, little bitch, more pleasure than you can handle.” The way he suddenly showed interest in her pleasure over his, it seemed to send the girl into a state of confusion. Chloe’s eyes shifted. She went from seething to just plain bewildered. The athletic man reached to the nightstand, grabbing a universal key to the handcuffs. He un-cuffed her, even as he continued to fuck her, and then growled between his grunts and constant plunges.

“Come on, slut. I want to see you gushing on my cock.” Still half-stunned, Chloe slipped a hand onto Mr. Reese’s muscular shoulder. She used the leverage to help their bodies smack together. He fucked her like a savage, but simultaneously she shoved her crotch toward him, accepting his cock. Then, with her other hand, she gripped his ass cheek and squeezed, using her hand-hold on his ass for yet another means of leverage to help his cock lance that much deeper into her throbbing cunt. The feel of her fingers squeezing his ass turned him on in a way words couldn’t convey. Mr. Reese groaned, his cock straining, his balls churning with jism that begged for release. But he held back. Amazingly, he held off his orgasm.

“Are you close, little bitch? Do you want to come for me?”

She whimpered, but despite the intense arousal surging through her teenage twat, she needed help crossing the finish line. Her clit pulsed with the need to be touched, her master knew it, and that’s when he struck. Mr. Reese suddenly returned his hand to the front of Chloe’s neck and slammed her back to the bed so violently the entire mattress shook like an earthquake had hit. “Lie still, bitch. Let me show you what a real cock feels like…let me show you how to CUM on a man’s cock properly.”


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