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The Warehouse

He kept the Puerto Rican teenager pinned with his hand gripping her by the front of the neck as he kept fucking her so roughly, his balls slapping against her inner thighs. His free hand slipped to her shaved sex. Now, each time the big man’s cock slid almost completely out of her snatch, his free hand upped the barrage of rubbing and stroking along the girl’s joy nub. He kept slamming his vein-throbbing shaft between the sexy girl’s cunt lips as he caressed her clit with a fervent dedication. With his one hand pinning the girl by her slender neck, he stared at her. Why? Because he loved seeing the gradual transformation as those pretty brown eyes glazed over with budding ecstasy. Her two small, delicate hands were wrapped around the big wrist which now held her by the neck too. She looked so helpless and sexy. Chloe’s lush, gorgeous young body screamed ‘Fuck Me! – that was all Mr. Reese could think as he felt his girth plow deeply into her soft, warm slit.

Whatever anger and resentment the girl felt for being sold to him as a sex slave, one thing was certain: Chloe definitely loved being dominated. She loved being fucked hard and given no quarter. She would be his…No…whether she knew it or not, whether she admitted it or not, she already was.

“AAAHHHH! Please, Sir. Oh god. Oh…”

Now James sensed that this young slut underneath him, this young slut who was gripping his cock with her pussy like a divine glove, was about to reach orgasm. Her firm, rounded breasts were heaving as her breath came out in rasps, though he couldn’t tell whether that was from him partly choking off her airway or from the impending orgasm about to rip through her body. Then it intensified with a verbal surrender that made his dick even harder. Chloe’s face contorted with pleasure. She trembled and bit her lip. “Yes Master. More. Please fuck me harder, make me come. Stretch my pussy,” she moaned. He leaned down, and that’s when their lips joined.

He loved the cocktail of sensations – Chloe’s tongue in his mouth, Ava’s tongue in his ass – and all the while his shaft plunging inside the damp heat of the teenage girl beneath him. Nothing had ever felt so perfect as this singular moment.

Then it came. Chloe gasped. Her pebbled nipples rubbed against his chest as her arms enfolded his torso, and she gushed uncontrollably on his plunging penis. Her fluids covered his shaft, coating him with her scent as she cooed loudly, her body shuddering almost as if she was having a seizure.

“Uuuuhhhh!!!!” Chloe groaned, and the groan morphed into a soft moan, “Aaaaahhhh,” until her convulsing snatch and writhing body finally stilled underneath Mr. Reese. The well-muscled businessman looked down with satisfaction at the girl’s face. Purged was the seething resentment in the girl’s eyes…at least for now. He leaned down and gave the girl a kiss on the nose, then on each of her closing eyelids as he continued to fuck her with slow, powerful strokes. He relaxed his iron-fisted grip around the girl’s neck. She sputtered and coughed.

“Mmmm. You’re so beautiful and sexy. I love watching you come, Chloe. You’re my favorite little slut. I’ll treat you like the little whore they started training you to be. You’ll see. If you obey, I’ll show you that being mine is a fate better than anything you could’ve hoped for.” The girl’s eyes fluttered open, beyond skeptical. But he distracted her with a passionate kiss. Then, in the middle of that kiss, he thrust his hips forward, balls-deep inside her wet sheath, stabbing into her with his cock as cum fountained from the tip of his penis. He groaned as their kiss deepened. He felt her hands slide up his back and clench up hard as she felt his seed fill up her young sex. There was this moment where oblivion erased Mr. Reese’s mind like a glass shattered on concrete.

Then he was back, fully aware of every sensation…of his cock nestled inside the Puerto Rican girl’s warmth. Chloe sagged, lifeless and exhausted beneath him as his body covered hers like a blanket. Ava’s licking in his anus had stopped. He glanced behind him.

“Did I say you could stop, bitch?”

Suddenly Ava’s attentions picked up again. Mr. Reese turned back to look down at his alluring young slave girl. Chloe sighed. They both ignored Ava’s frantic licks as the Asian girl’s breasts shook a little just from the sheer zeal of her attentions, as her head bobbed up and down. James let out a sigh of contentment as Ava’s tongue twirled and worked his tight hole. Then he finally relented.

“All right, Asian slut. That’s enough. I have a more important job for you.” He slowly drew his softening prick out of Chloe’s quim. Chloe and Mr. Reese looked down at the girl’s ravaged pussy. It was fully tainted with their combined sexual fluids, her cream and his jism, and it glistened like a proper ‘cream pie’ that would have made any porn film director proud. Mr. Reese framed Chloe’s well-fucked pussy with his fingers and looked to Ava, who was practically gaping at it.

“You’ll clean out the little slut’s pussy now, Ava. And if you do a proper job, I’ll fuck you gently and then let you sleep for the night.”

Ava nodded quickly. “Yes Master.” She knelt between Chloe’s legs, slurping and vacuuming up the fluids frantically.

Master Reese grinned and sat back on the bed. He enjoyed the conflicting emotions playing across Chloe’s cute face as she felt her fellow slave girl’s tongue in all the most scandalous places. His hands roved over Chloe’s lush breasts, rubbing and massaging until he gently pinched her aroused nipples. He loved watching her squirm. She looked up at him, questions on the tip of her tongue which Ava’s attentions distracted her from being able to verbalize.

“Time enough for questions later. I know you must have many of them. Being a slave girl is a strange existence, a hidden life. You’ll learn. Don’t worry, little fuck-toy. Dear, precious Chloe.” He leaned down and kissed her, stifling her moan as Ava took the initiative to suck on her clit. In the back of his mind, Mr. Reese felt something lock into place. Yes, he would keep these girls rather than resell them. There was something special about them both.

Later, he left the girls under the covers. They slumbered peacefully in each other’s arms. Like the other girls in his collection, they would learn to care for each other, bonded by the task of serving their Master – him. He stepped into the bathroom to use the toilet, and afterward he just stood staring at himself in the mirror. Mr. Reese rubbed his chin thoughtfully. Yes, no matter how long it took, he would teach Chloe to accept her new life. Ava too. Chloe and Ava would be prime additions to his collection. Rare to the point of priceless, these girls were meant to be cherished – and when the time called for it – abused with a tempered hand. Luckily that hand would be his forevermore.


Remember, this is a fantasy, nothing less and nothing more. Indulge your fantasies. Get out of your comfort zone. Life is too short not to. Maybe you’re like me, maybe you love being dominated…maybe your fantasies are extreme…or maybe not. To each their own.


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