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When The Sentiments Flow

this is Mr. Explicit from Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. I’m a 19 year old athletic 5ft 10in tall and I won’t boast about my tool it neither too long nor too short but I do have the skills to satisfy those in need so if anyone near me wants to have some steamy chat or more than that contact me at [email protected]
this is a bit long story which will comprise of both English and Hindi so just relax and enjoy every bit of it and forgive me for my mistakes if any.

Let me introduce you to the protagonist of the story my ex Avantika she was an absolute nymph and carved by god 178cm tall fair as milk and smooth as silk. So it was first day of my session, beginning of class 11. I was there in school for the past 10 years so everything was usual to me. I entered my class and put my bag on a bench and went out and when I came back in there was something unusual, a blue bag was lying beside mine I started to wonder who it belonged to, I thought maybe my friend has bought a new one so ignored and sat there just when the bell rang all the students started to move to their seats and then came the explosion a sexy white sweet tall girl came and sat beside me.

I asked “Oh to ye tumhara bag hai” and then she said “han, koi problem hai kya”? And believe me her voice was mesmerizing and then she introduced herself to me as avantika and then I did the same. As it was the first day for her she asked me about the school, teachers etc and I told her everything very happily. Days passed and we became good friends. And after some days I fell in love with a girl whom I had been talking to since the past 1 year her name was Isha. I don’t know why but Avantika seemed kind of jealous of her. Well one fine day I was chatting with AV and she said “yar won a baht mean hai wo tere layak nahi hai” I was like Ise kya hua achanak then I said “nahi aisi baat nahi hai blab la bla”.

Fast forward 2 hours and then this message was there “I love you baby” I was in shock for a moment cause she was a best friend to me and I was already in a relationship with Isha. I replied “Love u 2 besty” then she said “yar tu samajhta nahi hai tu mere lie dost se baht zyada hai” and then she started playing sentiment game, the chat then ended. As the days passed I don’t know how but she succeeded in manipulating me against Isha so I broke up with her and came up with AV everything went smooth for 3 months but then I heard from my friends that she had been cheating me and you won’t believe it was true! I asked her but she denied and one day I caught her red handed with another guy in school corridor holding hands and standing very close, she saw me and I started moving back to class and she came running trying to console me and somehow she did.
Skipping some more days, she cheated me 3 times!

I was broken and 1.5 years had passed. Now in the month of Feb, it was our farewell and as all of us we all too went for an afterparty had booze dance and all, I was totally free from tension until she came near me and hugged me I was astonished because we didn’t talk for 3 months and now suddenly this! She was high and started saying “baby maf krde mujhe apni jaan ki galti maaf karde I still love you” I flew away with my emotions and held her and said “Love you” and smooched her. Things wer getting hot between us so I took her hand and we quietly went out without anyone noticing. We both sat in my car and I pulled over to my friend’s flat which was empty at that time.

She was sitting beside me in the car caressing my head legs and hands. We then reached and I took the keys from my buddy who lived in the lower flat and then went up and opened it got in closed the doors. Then began the movie I lift her up by her thighs leaned her against wall and started kissing her forehead she was moaning “ aaahhh mmmmhhh yeah baby come on further” then I started licking her earlobes and bit them too and slowly went on to her neck and started licking it.

Her skin was really as smooth as silk and I was loving licking her she the held my head and said “ab aur mat tadpao” and started sucking my lips I put my tongue in her mouth and explored every inch of her mouth sucked her tongue vigorously. We French kissed for about 15 mins then I carried her to the bed and started pulling her saree off her and soon she was there in bikini and panties of black color and the bikini had laces all over it now I’ll continue in Hindi for the pleasure.

Maine uske baad uski bra ke laces ki apne hothon me daba ke kheechna shuru kia aur wahin apne hathon se uska makhmal sa shareer masal raha tha aur uske butts ko daba raha tha. Dosto uske butts be baht soft the aur wo lagataar “aah aaahhhhh mmmmhhhh come on jaan mmhhh” kare jaa rahi thi finally maine uski bra ke laces khole or uske chote chote boobs ko tadpane laga kyunki maine seedha uske boobs par attack nai kia baki dheere dheere uska cleavage chaat raha tha aue nipples ko ek hath se sehla raha tha aur doosre se uski gaand ko.

kareeb 5 min baad wo boli “kitna tadpaoge ab aur nahi raha jata please jaan please aur mat tadpao” aur maine kaha “2 saal ki meri tadap ka badla aaj lunga mai” aur fir uske nipples ko choosna shuru kia aur dossre nipple ko ek hath se masalta raha “aahh aahh mmmhhhh oooohhh” wo aahein bhar rahi thi uske saansein tez aur garam ho chuki thi muje yad aya ke meri pocket mei chocolate thi jo ki melt ho gayi thi maine wo uske boobs pe lagayi aur madhosh ho kar wo boobs chatey aur fir achanak wo uthi aur boli “bas ab mai bataungi apko tadpate kasie hain” usne mujhe bed par dhakka dia aur mere lund pe baith kar apni gaand matkane lagi or kiss krne lagi.

Mai kissing mei itna madhosh tha ki pata hi nai chala kab usne meri shirt ke buttons khol dia aur fir muje utha ke shir utar ke fek di uske bad usne mere nipples chatne shuru kiye aur wahin apni gaand mere lund par trouser ke upar se hi ragde ja rahi thi aur is baar wo mai tha jo aahein bhar rha tha “aahhh aahhh chalo jaan dikhao muje kya cheez ho tum” aur jis tarah se mere nipples chaat aur choos rahi thi aur apni gand mere lund pe ragad rahi thi mai sach mei tadap raha tha kyuki mera lund ab bhar ana chahta tha.

Lekin mai bhi harami tha aur ek jhatke se usko litaya aur uske upar ake uski belle par jeebh firana shuru kia aur dheere dheere chat te hue uski panty ke pass aya aur kya khushboo a rahi thi wahan se, jannat hasil ho gyi thi muje to uske baad maine uski taangein failayin aur choot ko panty le upar se hi sehlate hue uski thighs chaatne laga wo buri tarah se tadap rahi thi kyuki uski choot geeli ho chuki thi lekin abtak panty se bahar nahi ayi thi kareeb 10 min baad usne khud hi apni panty utar ke fek di.

Mera man to abhi aur tadpane ka tha use lekin kya karta wo baht josh mei aa gayi thi uske baad maine uski chut ko dekha jo halki pink thi aur bilkul saaf thi koi baal nahi tha waha pe fir maine dheere se uske choot ke upri hisse pe unglian firana shuru kia aur uske nipples ko choosna aur wo to bas “ aaaahhhhhh aaaaahhhhh mmmmhhhhhh babyyyyy” kare jaa rah thi fir finally maine apne ek ungli uski choot mei dali aur jeebh uske choot ke dane pe lagayi aur aisa karne pe mano usme current daud gaya ho aur wo ekdam se kaap gayi fir kyat ha maine apni jeeb (jo ki normal se kafi lambi hai) ko uske choot ki skin pe chatna shuru kia aur choot kr dane ke around ghumana bhi aur neri ungli to uski chut mei andar bahr ho hi rahi thi fir bas merse raha na gaya aur uski choot ke dane ko apni jeebh se zor zor se hilane laga (I started flickering her clitoris by my tongue) aur ungli ki rafter bhi badha di.

AV aah aahha aaha aah aah aah kare ja rahi thi aur achanak apne dono hath mere sir pe rakhe aur mera sir apni choot mei daba ke tango se jakad lia lekin mai tab bhi uski choot chat raha tha aur usme ungli bhi kiye jar aha tha aur achanak baht zor se awaz aayi “aaaaaaaahhhhhhh” aur ekdum se baht tez wo kap kapayi aur apni choot ka amrit mere jeebh par chorr dia auur uska swaad lajawaab tha. Maine zyada nahi bas thoda sa piya uska amrit aur use dekha to wo ab bhi kaap rahi thi maine kaha “ab pata chala tadap kya hoti hai?” wo abhi bhi madhosh thi ab mujse bhi na raha gaya aur maine apna trouser nikala aur poora nanga ho gaya aur apna lund uske muh mei deidya.

Usko ye acha nahi lag raha tha par maine zabardasti kuch der uske muh ko choda aur fir lund bahar nikala aur uski geeli choot pe rakh dia aur andar dalne laga lekin mera lund andar nahi jaa raha tha to thoda thook lagaya aur bade dhyan se uski choot pe rakha aur dhakka marawo thoda andar gaya aur AV ne meri kamar kas ke jakad li aur kehne lagi “ye kya ho raha hai isse to baht dard ho raha hai please ise nikalo pleaseeee” maine thoda aur zor lagaya aur mera lund adha andr chala gya aur is bar uski cheekh nikal padi aur aankho se aansu maine jhat apne hothon se uska muh band kardia aur ek zor ka jhatka dia aur phatak mera pura lund andar ghus gaya. Usne apne naakhun meri kamar mei ghusa diye the dard ke mare lekin wo cheekh nai paa rahi thi kyunki mai use smooch kar raha tha.

Fir maine halke halke lund bahr nikala aur bam! Fir ek zor ke jhatke se andar dal dia lekin is bar mai use kiss nai kar raha tha bas uske muh pe hath rakh dia tha kyunki uski shakal ke expressions dekhna chahta tha mai aur wo dard bhare expressions kamala ke the aur uski ankho mei ansu bhi. Fir maine chudayi chalu ki aur kamra “thap thap thap” ki aawaz se goonjhne laga is dauran wo bhi dard se kuch aram paa chuki thi aur ab “aah aah aah” halki halki aahein bhar rahi thi iske baad maine speed badhayi aur missionary pose mei hi chudai chalu kardi aur uske chooche chatne laga aur wo apni pyari si awaz me “ahhh aahh aahha ahhhh” kar rahi thi kuch 10 min chodne ke bad maine usko doggy style mei bithaya thodi der uski choot ko chata aur fir se apna lund andar dal dia aur is baar mai dhakke both zor zor se mar raha tha.


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